Hubgets: The Reason Why Meetings Are Officially Obsolete

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You won’t believe how many types of meetings exist. You have staff meetings, ad-hoc meetings, board meetings, manager meetings, one-on-one meetings, team-meetings, standing meetings, and the list goes on. Worst of all, meetings are generally perceived as time-wasting. According to business coach Dale Dauten, companies worldwide cumulatively spend a mind-boggling 300K hours per year, purely on congregations.

Most businesses today still use traditional meetings to convene on how to sell a product, proceed with a given project, or adjust their operations. Asking people to step away from their desk to gather in a conference room may have been a sound idea ten years ago, but today this is no longer the case. If there’s two things that never miss from a meeting, it’s communication and data. You can have both in your browser, thanks to Hubgets.


The No. 1 reason why meetings can cease to exist today is the emergence of specialized team collaboration tools. You can now conduct meetings in-browser. Thanks to WebRTC – a technology that enables Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs – you can now have rich collaboration apps developed specifically for the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera), as well as for mobile platforms and IoT devices in general. A common set of protocols found in WebRTC enables all these devices to communicate efficiently with each other, as if they were all made by the same company.

Hubgets does voice and video in the browser, as well as instant messaging and topic based discussions. It keeps your partners and customers just a click away. Thanks to the Smart Presence Engine, you are kept in the loop regarding everyone’s status. Using the presence info, you can decide whether or not to approach someone, how or when to approach them, etc. Based on a set of algorithms, administrators can set the app to automatically decide these things for the user.


Today, more than ever, getting your facts straight is crucial if you’re selling something. And all businesses sell something. With an increasingly competitive landscape, companies need a way to centralize the data going in and out, as well as make it searchable and accessible across the board, to let everyone nail their next contract, or complete a project ASAP.

Think about it this way. You’ve got clients sitting at the table and one of them asks for info that wasn’t on the agenda for that meeting. How embarrassed would you feel if you had to run out of the meeting to find that information? Using a tool like Hubgets, you can be cool as a cucumber and access any such information with a few keystrokes (wink) With Hubgets, you continue to have meetings. Shorter, more efficient meetings, that serve their ultimate goal.

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