Impressions on WebhostingDay 2010

I am writing this in the plane, coming back from WebhostingDay 2010. The event took place in Bruhl, Germany. From our perspective, the event was much better than last year and this happened due to the growing hosting providers’ interest in Unified Communications. Many people heard and understood our message, even with the small resources put on marketing. I will resume below the most important things about WHD 2010.

– If you are European hoster, it is required to go to this event. If your business is outside Europe, I still recommend you to attend it. I met lots of guys from US there.
– I checked only three sessions, but all of them were good quality.
– Overall, it was better organized than last year. The fair location changed to get more exhibitors and to shorten distances. This eventually allowed more people to attend sessions and fair.
– The location where the fair took place was shocking at the start, because it was in two tents :). While it looked more crowded in the beginning, it was actually much more useful space than last year. As Thomas Strohe from Intergenia explained me, this was the only option available at Phantasialand.
– More people attended the event. I think that a small percent could have simply skipped it, but when looking at the industry it is clear that there is more potential for the next year.
– I estimate that it was more successful for exhibitors also. Of course, I saw several (less than five anyway) that did not get much interest, but I have the feeling that it was their fault. You cannot really expect someone to come to your booth when you are staying down, looking pissed off and you are not from Microsoft 🙂
– I was looking for new products, services and innovations, but I have not discovered anything interesting to mention. On the other hand, I do not think that attendees were disappointed.
– The VIP party was still boring. The location changed to a better one, the entertainers were decent, but the gaps between them were too large. It is somehow boring because you also sit down, so you spend several hours with only 3-4 people.
– The ConneXion party in the last day (the one opened to all attendees) was better than the last year one excellent band, larger space.
– The networking opportunities can be much improved. A website for attendees to discuss and schedule meetings before the event is recommended.

This is pretty much everything I can remember now.

It worth also mentioning that during WHD 2010 Open-Xchange announced the availability of Open-Xchange 6.16, which includes the first part of the integration with VoipNow Professional. You should really check it.


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  • Hi Bogdan,

    we met on first day on WHD with the guys from OX. You said, that the plesk module for automating OX creation and managing should be released this week.

    When can we expect the release?



    Boris 14 years ago Reply

    • Please check, it has been announced.

      Blog wizard 14 years ago Reply

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