Open-Xchange for Plesk Now Available for Customers

As you might know, we have partnered with Open-Xchange to integrate VoipNow features with email groupware and have improved teamwork. Open-Xchange is a cool product; it takes your existing mail server and adds groupware on top of it. You have a nice AJAX interface, Exchange like functions, mobility (ActiveSync support), etc. But you better check their demo. That demo is not using the latest skin, the one we contributed a little bit to.

Anyway, I do not want to discuss this integration now, but something more basic and maybe more interesting for all hosters.

What’s the Opportunity?
For providers, Exchange hosting is a big opportunity. Groupware is absolutely required for businesses and mobility is needed by everyone with a smart mobile phone. So, there is great potential on all market segments. Compared to traditional hosting market, hosted Exchange has much higher margins and after all it’s still email business.

Why Not Microsoft Exchange?
Going to Microsoft Exchange hosting is complicated (you must change your email infrastructure) and expensive (hardware, but most importantly monthly license leases). Also, Microsoft is pushing their Online Services to more countries and lowers prices.

If hosting providers use Microsoft Exchange, it is impossible for them to compete with Microsoft on prices and features. Of course, it they want to be simply salespeople for Microsoft and get peanuts, Exchange is the way to go. But there are alternatives.

What We Have for You
If you have Plesk servers and you want to replace the ugly Horde webmail (or whatever email you use) we can do it for you. If you have more than a Plesk server, you can consolidate Webmail on a single server (or on a cluster). All changes made by users in the Plesk interface, like account creation/deletion/edit go automatically to Open-Xchange.

The solution implies some fees for installation and startup, but you will have the Open-Xchange webmail (which is much better than Horde) for FREE. If your customers want to get groupware and mobility, they can easily upgrade and only then you have to pay us a small license fee per customer.

To Resume Everything

This is a great way to revive your email business. I bet you are giving it away for free now, isn’t it?

We can handle everything related to Open-Xchange: support, consulting, licensing.

You don’t have to change anything in the email infrastructure.

No more Horde, but without any extra management stuff. Everything is automated.

Customers that do not use groupware or mobility have no charge. Don’t pay anything if you don’t get more from the customer.

For more details, please contact our sales department.


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  • I am very interested in the Open-Xchange for Plesk. I don’t see pricing information on the Website, nor does there seem to be a sales contact as your blog post suggested.

    Does the product need to replace horde, or can they both coexist?

    Brian 14 years ago Reply

    • Please contact sales at for any pricing inquires.

      Blog wizard 14 years ago Reply

  • Hi,

    I have got information from sell department that VN-OX integration will be ready on 1QO f 2010.
    Is this possible it will be earlier?


    AdamSimplisity 14 years ago Reply

    • No, this is impossible.

      Blog wizard 14 years ago Reply

  • Hi,

    As this is 2.0.4 released and I have just upgraded our production server,

    I would like to know what I should do to intergrate OpenX with our VN.

    There is no information on your side.


    AdamSimplisity 14 years ago Reply

    • OX must release Open-Xchange 6.16 in order for this to work. It’s going to happen in February.

      Blog wizard 14 years ago Reply

  • Hi, I am visit your site with my I phone. You have a very nice desgin and interest post. At home I will add you to my rss reader, didn’t mess that up.

    Friderika Witzke 14 years ago Reply

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