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A Short Guide for Wasting Less (or No) Time at Work

Constant multitasking has become the norm in every area of life, from consuming content to doing work. This is especially true in the workplace. It’s not uncommon to switch back and forth multiple times between email inboxes, chat channels, video conferences, project management software, and document or spreadsheet files—all within the same 30-minute span. All that swiveling (combined with the occasional scroll on social media) can snowball into a major loss of valuable time at work.

A Short Guide for Wasting Less or No Time at Work

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6 Most Productive Ways to Start the Morning

The moment your feet touch the floor each morning, you begin to set the tone for your entire day. So it’s worth asking yourself: Does my morning routine fuel productivity? Or does it just prime my brain for distraction and procrastination? Do I start the morning with intentional practices that energize and motivate me? Or do I scroll mindlessly on social media and create unnecessary anxiety?

Most Productive Ways to Start the Morning

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Three Signs You’re Not Managing Your Calendar Effectively

Our modern American culture glorifies busyness. In fact, the Journal of Consumer Research has found that “Those devoting more time to work and less time to leisure are often viewed as having more status.” But even the most packed schedule is not an automatic sign of productivity. A long to-do list might look impressive at first. However, the number of tasks, deadlines and appointments on your calendar does not always mean those obligations are done with excellence.

Time to manage your calendar effectively

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Paying for Your Employees Vacation Pays Off

Vacation is that time of the year when you finally relax and disconnect from daily stress. And most people can’t wait for it! However, some can’t really afford it either due to a lack of money or time. While workers in Europe are entitled to up to 30 days of paid vacation time every year, in the U.S. companies are totally free to choose whether they want to give their workforce any paid vacation at all.

Paying for your employees vacation is worth it

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How to Work Efficiently While You’re Traveling

Look around at any airport and you’ll see people surrounding outlets, sitting on their laptops and phones. According to the State of the Remote Job Marketplace report, 43 percent of the workforce works remotely at least some of the time. A major perk of distributed work is the ability to be traveling while on the clock.

You can work efficiently even when you’re traveling, here’s how

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Five Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Managing time in an effective way is a challenge that most people struggle with on a daily basis. There is always too much to be done and time never seems to be enough. While we can’t stretch the length of the day for you, we can definitely help you make the most of the time you already have. Read forward to learn some time management strategies that will hopefully improve your work life and not only.

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