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Effective communication is a game changer

How Effective Communication Empowers Businesses

Effective communication does wonders to your business. It’s a game changer: it transforms the way people work together, how they interact; it substantially decreases redundancies and the delayed offset of work-related conflicts.
Effective communication is what you want in your personal life too. It’s why a lot of people will like you. People like others to listen to them, and effective communication helps you be clear, concise, and “spot on.”
Effective communication is a game changer

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For Meetings with a Clear Outcome, Try These 4 Improv Rules

All meetings are much like performance shows where people come in and take their usual roles. There’s always someone who monopolizes the conversation and couldn’t care less about your agenda, the typical colleague who never speaks up, or the one who would literally agree to anything you say, right? That’s because each team gathers a wide variety of personalities and communication styles. So how can you encourage all attendees to engage in the conversation and contribute within a given time frame, so that when the meeting is over you have a clear outcome?

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How to Index and Search All Your Business Communication

We all know how important it is to have access to the right information exactly when you need it. In business, this can make the difference between closing or losing a deal. And it also has a huge impact on our work productivity. Nobody likes to invest time in searching for scattered pieces of data in order to get their work done. In Hubgets, you can index and search all your business communication. Here’s how.

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Introducing Hubgets Page: Your Interactive Business Card

We’re incredibly excited to introduce you to a completely new way of communication and collaboration with business partners and clients. While you’re enjoying the benefits of using Hubgets with your team, anyone outside your organization can get in touch with you via your Hubgets Page, easier than ever. Here’s a quick walk-through of our new feature, to help you get started.
Introducing Hubgets Page

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Why Some Teams Succeed, While So Many Fail Miserably

You probably noticed it too; there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to turning unproductive teams into highly productive ones. Fortunately, “teams” have been the subject of near-constant study in recent years so we have a lot of data we can use to improve our performance. Take a look at what I found to be working.

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3 Tips to Solve Communication Problems with Your Clients

So what’s the secret behind successful customer relationship management? This question is no doubt on everyone’s lips these days and has turned into a hot topic for most businesses. If you’re looking for potential solutions, here’s one: find a proper communication channel which meets the needs of your organization and clients at the same time.

Communication Problems with Clients | Hubgets

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Study Finds Wearable Tech Is Poised To Explode In Office Environments

Like desktop computers and smartphones before it, wearable tech now promises to mark a paradigm shift in the way we juggle daily affairs, both personal and at work, and even tackle health-related matters.

People today aren’t flocking to buy smartwatches or tech-infused glasses, but it won’t be long before they do, according to Harris Interactive, a market research firm owned by Nielsen Holdings. The New York-based company polled 9,100 people to determine potential benefits in workplace efficiency, productivity, and safety. They discovered that the number of believers was considerable: 75% of the respondents saw wearables as potentially life-changing in work environments.

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