Get Ready for Spring Races

We hope you made the best of the Easter break and you’re in good shape. ­čÖé Because tomorrow we’ll be kicking off Spring Races! All terms and conditions regarding our online hackathon are already available online. For a good start, we recommend that you read them already.

In the meantime, here are a few things we wanted to emphasize for you. For the rest of the information, please refer to the terms and conditions mentioned earlier.


GalleryManager – Winning App in Spring Race III
Spring Race III Winner picks up his award
Spring Race III Winner is announced
Awaiting results for Spring Race III, which ended May 23rd, 24:00 GMT+3
Spring Races III Classification System for Pictures started May 16th, 15:00 GMT+3
No Winners in Spring Race II, Bigger Prize in Spring Race III
Spring Races II Data Mining started May 5th, 15:00 GMT+3
EduSoft – Winning App in Spring Races I
Meet Spring Races I Winners
Spring Races I Cloud for a Better Life ended April 30th, 24:00 GMT+3

What Are Spring Races?

Spring Races is our online hackathon, comprising of three separate competitions. Each competition, or race if you want, comes with a problem and a deadline that we’ll be publishing on our blog the day the race starts. Each race has its own US $1000 prize. The winner, or winners if it’s a team, will be announced on our blog within 5 days after the race has ended. If the race is won by a team, the US $1000 prize will be split between team members.

Who Can Participate in Spring Races?

Anyone who is at least 18, resides in Romania, and is currently a student of a Romanian faculty, accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education. Students can enter the competition individually or as part of a team of no more than 3 people.

How to Enter a Spring Race?

STEP 1: Create a Bitbucket account, if you do not have one already.
Bitbucket is the platform where you will be submitting your project.

STEP 2: Enter the Spring Race.
Fill in this form before each Spring Race you want to participate in. You are free to participate in one, two, or all three races. You may switch teams from one race to another, but you cannot compete as a member of several teams during the same race. When you submit the registration form, if you’re part of a team, please enter the details of each team member along with yours.

STEP 3: Upload your solution to your Bitbucket account.
Once you have pushed your project to Bitbucket, you must allow 4PSA Gitmaster (username 4psa) the right to view it, otherwise your solution will not enter the race.

When Are the Spring Races Scheduled?

Spring Race I starts on April 23rd, 15:00 – ends on April 30th, 24:00
Spring Race II starts on May 5th, 15:00 – ends on May 12th, 24:00
Spring Race III starts on May 16th 15:00 – ends on May 23rd, 24:00

Timezone is GMT+3.

Enter the Spring Races


For any problems or questions you might have during the races, please use the comments area for each race announcement article on this blog.

The theme of the first race will be announced on April 23rd at 15:00, so keep close! ­čÖé

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