No Winners in Spring Race II, Bigger Prize in Spring Race III

We’ve evaluated all the apps submitted in the Spring Race II hackathon, but unfortunately none of them solves the problem we proposed. You were supposed to create an app that could identify and score LinkedIn profiles, based on a particular set of provided info. The more the details, the better the match.

Since none of the apps we have received meets the requirements, we cannot appoint a winner in this race. The good news is that the US $1000 prize will be carried over to our last hackathon. Therefore, Spring Race III, which starts Friday May 16th, 15:00, will have a US $2000 prize. And we are very much looking forward to giving away this prize 😉

See you in the last hackathon of the series and may the best app win!

P.S. Please remember that you can always ask questions to better understand the app requirements!

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