Spring Race I Winners Are Here!

The winners of Spring Race I were invited to our headquarters today. Adriana and Paul from “Paul&Adriana” team joined us to receive their award and tell us the story behind the app that won the first online hackathon.

The subject was simple – make an app to improve something in our lives. And so they did. They created an educational app to make the life easier for teachers and students. No parents were hurt during this process 😉 In fact, parents should be happier too! They will tell more about their app soon in a guest article.

Spring Race I Winners

Once again, congratulations, Adriana and Paul!

And don’t forget, Spring Race II starts in less than one hour!


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  • Multumim! 😀

    Paul & Adriana 6 years ago Reply

    • Ne-a facut placere sa va cunoastem azi si de-abia asteptam articolul de blog!

      Blog wizard 6 years ago Reply

  • Deci cu 1000$ USD, 4psa s-a ales cu super aplicatie :-). GG!

    FYI din ‘termeni si conditii’ de participare la concurs, pe care toata lumea le aproba fara sa le citeasca :
    “Prin inscrierea in Concurs, Participantii sunt de acord sa acorde Organizatorului, cu titlu gratuit, dreptul de utilizare neexclusiv, transferabil la alegerea Organizatorului, asupra solutiilor propuse, in scopul utilizarii de catre Organizator/persoana desemnata de catre acesta, pentru cercetare si dezvoltare software.”

    Marcel 6 years ago Reply

    • Aceasta prevedere este normala tinand cont de faptul ca 4PSA trebuie inclusiv sa *utilizeze* aplicatia pentru a o evalua. Aceasta prevedere NU este un transfer de proprietate intelectuala, concurentii putand face orice doresc cu aplicatia!

      Blog wizard 6 years ago Reply

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