Spring Race I – Cloud for a Better Life

As announced earlier, Spring Race I starts today. Before heading to the problem, here’s a quick step-by-step reminder.

  1. Read the terms and conditions.
  2. Fill in the form for you and/or your team.
  3. Make sure you have a Bitbucket account.
  4. Stick to the deadline – April 30th, 24:00 GMT+3.
  5. Use this article’s comments area to ask questions, if any.
  6. Push your project to the Bitbucket repository.
  7. Give 4PSA (username 4psa) the right to view your project.

Cloud for a Better Life

Despite the great technological progress in the past 20 years, a lot of things in our lives have not changed. With the cloud being available at any time and everywhere, the gap between technology and legacy keeps getting larger and larger.

Just a quick example, schools today teach kids using last century’s tools, while these kids will most likely achieve their professional proficiency around 2040. This is one of those major issues that cannot be solved without the commitment of modern society.

Your mission in this race is to identify an aspect of our lives that can be dramatically improved by software and provide a solution for it. With an app, of course.

Enter the Spring Races

The Rules

  1. You can write the app in any programming language you like.
  2. You must accompany your app with some docs. Give us some heads-up, it will support your project.
  3. Do not forget to mention the name of your team in the docs. That way, we can easily relate to your registration info.
  4. Check that your Bitbucket repository is private!

Some Advice

  1. You are working on a product, so make it look like one!
  2. We recommend that you submit a product that we can easily deploy.
  3. Do not bang you head against the wall to reinvent the wheel! For example, mashape.com has a lot of APIs available and ready to be used.
  4. A “demo” will make a good impression and will be an advantage! Push any demo material to the Bitbucket repository. However, if you want to use another channel for the demo (for example, a YouTube video), link it in the docs.
  5. Once the race ends, make sure you can be reached at the e-mail/phone numbers you provided in the registration form. We might want to get back to you with questions.

May the force be with you! 🙂


You can post comments in this post.

  • Puteti sa-mi spuneti daca trebuie sa implementez o aplicatie cap coada, una care sa functioneze in totalitate, sau o idee cu cateva componente basic functionale? Multumesc

    Alex 6 years ago Reply

    • După cum scrie și-n articol, trebuie să dezvolți o aplicație funcțională, ca să o putem evalua conform criteriilor descrise mai sus. Succes! 🙂

      Emilia Bratu 6 years ago Reply

  • Legat de dreptul de view, e OK sa il dam la sfarsit, aproape de deadline? Sau trebuie de la inceput?

    CoolKat 6 years ago Reply

  • Oricând e OK, cu condiția să fie înainte de termenul limită. 🙂

    Emilia Bratu 6 years ago Reply

  • Care este premiul primit de castigator?

    Alexandra 6 years ago Reply

    • Premiul este suma de 1000USD, echivalentul in RON din ziua premierii. Si de asemenea posibilitatea de a te alatura echipei noastre vara aceasta la un internship platit.

      Blog wizard 6 years ago Reply

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