The App That Won Spring Race I

Today we have a guest post written by the first winners of the Spring Races online hackathons. Enjoy!

Hi. We are Adriana and Paul, the team that won 4PSA’s first Spring Race.

Cloud for a better life, the motto said. We haven’t clouded so much, but we did try to improve someone’s life. We started by thinking about the spring of all bright ideas – education (high-school, in particular).

Our application, EduSoft, is designed to bring the 21st century into our country’s education management. The software offers its target users (students and teachers) a collection of integrated apps designed to fulfill specific needs. These functionalities are incrementally described below.

Winner App of Spring Race I


  • My account” holds and allows the edit of a user’s personal information and settings.
  • For students alone, there is “My subjects“, an app where student users can follow their school record (the grades and attendances at each subject), view tops and evolution charts to assess their performance, and export their transcript as a PDF file. In correspondence, teachers have “My classes“, in which they can access the personal and academic information of all their students, add, modify or delete grades and attendances.
  • Taking into account that a high-school student usually has the same teacher at a certain subject all throughout the 4 grades, we created the “Feedback” app, where students can anonymously express their thoughts on each subject at the end of each semester. This provides teachers with a simple and straightforward way of identifying their students’ needs and with the means to improve their teaching skills.
  • Designed for the natural sciences, the “Simulations” app allows users to upload, share and download science simulations and documentation, for a better and a more intuitive understanding of different phenomena.
  • In the “Quiz generator” app, users can create multiple-answer quizzes. The app generates different versions by shuffling the order of the questions, as well as the order of the answer options, and provides the answer grids for an effortless assessment. Everything can be exported in a carefully-designed PDF file.
  • For those curious about the grading done in the high-school, the “Statistics” app delivers up-to-date graphical representations of relevant information: comparison charts of average grades at different subjects, charts containing top subjects, classes or students, or grade distribution charts at a particular subject (for a single class or for a group of classes).

This was our app in a few words. We encourage everyone to participate in the next two Spring Races; the deadline of the second race is already slowly approaching.

Many thanks to 4PSA.

Adriana and Paul

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