Water Cooler Myth Busted! Printers Are The #1 Place To Chat In The Office

We have a refrigerator-sized printer in our office and I can’t say we’ve developed the best relationship. I got the lucky desk right next to it. It’s inches away from my face, blowing air and making deafening sounds as my colleagues enlist its services on an hourly basis. But if this study by Clarus Research is any indication, my employers are the most affected by this contemporary R2D2, not me.

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Look Out Google Translate! Linqapp Is Making Some Waves

I don’t know about you, but whenever I use Google Translate for an entire sentence, I never expect the translation to go smooth. It’s not just me. The more distant the two languages (etymologically speaking), the harder it is for Google’s hamsters to pedal. Enter Linqapp, now available not just on Android but iOS too.

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Why Tesla Must Get Back To Edison

Immediately after Tesla released Tesla Powerwall, the Internet was flooded with lots of articles discussing the real pricing of the new Tesla product. You do not have to be a genius to notice that Powerwall is not economically efficient. Even the economics behind lead acid batteries based systems is debatable, although these batteries cost three times less than the Li-Ion batteries used by Tesla.

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Enterprise Entropy and How UC Can Fix It

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Research done by Vanson Bourne indicates that Enterprise use of Unified Communications (UC) across Europe is lagging behind demand. Because of issues that lie at an infrastructure level, less than a third of organizations are able to fully support UC technology across all sites.

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Quote Of The Day By George Santayana

Artist: Samuel Johnson Woolf (1880-1948). Time magazine.

I’ve never been much of a history fan. Whether it had something to do with that tyrant of a teacher I had or my limited attention span, I’ve always found it hard to commit battles and reigning years to memory.

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And The Most Socially Advanced Country In The World Is…

The Social Progress Index (SPI) is an algorithm of sorts devised by The Social Progress Imperative which offers a framework for measuring the facets of social progress for each country in part. The 2015 edition improves on last year’s version through plentiful feedback and an expanded number of countries. A total of 52 indicators were used in the study. A very important takeaway from the study – it tells you where there’s room for business.

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