How Teamwork Cuts Time in Half [Infographic]

Synergy can be of massive help if you know how to use it.  For that, we want to share with you this infographic that summarizes 11 ways in which you can put yourself into hyper-productive mode by guarding your time, procrastinating wisely, working in groups, and others alike.

Image Credit: Veri Ivanova (

Image Credit: Veri Ivanova (

Science says that decision-making consumes willpower which, in turn, chips away at your net brain power over the day. Imagine a big computer and various programs working in the background. Some consume more CPU or are more memory intensive, others less. So you see, it’s important to spend resources wisely. In everyday scenarios, that would translate in making the most important decisions early on, while leaving the least important ones for later. But what if you have no data to make the decisions with?

Teamwork vs. the ticking clock

Collaboration, as we all know, yields amazing results. In the words of Cole Porter, “Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it,” and of course, so do humans (at least, when they’re not tweeting 😉 ). Collaboration is so efficient that, statistically, it reduces the amount of time required to complete a task by 50%. You read that right, fifty percent!
School is given as an example – how you can cut studying time in half by comparing notes – but here’s one that grownups can relate to: the classical office setting. When we created Hubgets, we wanted to make teamwork fun again and a whole more effective. And this is how it works! Hubgets tears down the walls between teams; it lets communication flow; it centralizes the data generated by each keystroke; and it keeps the data accessible. When everyone has access to the same information right inside their communication channels, some amazing things start to happen:

  • most face-to-face meetings are rendered irrelevant
  • brainstorming gets done on the fly
  • no more emails back and forth since information is centralized and available at all times
  • reports are easy to do (or won’t be needed at all)
  • decision-making becomes easier
  • engagement levels grow, spurring productivity

Collaboration is, by all means, your #1 weapon against the merciless ticking clock. Having access to the same information means every team member:

  • is in the loop
  • can learn the stuff that might have escaped them in the past
  • strengthen their understanding of those subjects

This is what cuts 10 hours down to 5, one hour down to 30 minutes, and a minute down to 30 seconds! Tick-tock  😉 .

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