How Entrepreneurs (Don’t) Sleep

Ask any business leader what he / she does first thing in the morning and chances are they’ll tell you the same thing: jump right out of bed and into their white collars. Good leadership calls for discipline and sacrifice, but it always pays off. So, here’s why real leaders don’t waste time between the sheets.

Entrepreneur, the namesake publication discussing all-things entrepreneurial, has put together this neat infographic comprising nearly two dozen tips for maximizing your time, making you more efficient. The life hacks are divided by Dos and Don’ts – some more obvious than others – that famous entrepreneurs use to stay alert, conscious, friendly, and happier overall.

One tip I can personally confirm as true is “don’t press Snooze.” Scientists say it restarts the sleep cycle, making you feel groggy for much longer afterwards. I did my own experiments (prior to reading this infographic) and found this theory to be 100% true, so I’m definitely siding with science on this one.



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