Dare To Disagree: When Contradiction Gives Birth To True Collaboration [Video]

When we designed Hubgets, we wanted not only to facilitate communication, but also to foster collaboration in all-new ways. We’re still ironing out some bugs, but already our newborn baby enables entire teams to send feedback back and forth, collaborate on projects, aggregate searchable data, and keep their peers in the loop even out of office.

In our awareness spree to make Hubgets known far and wide, we came across a TED talk by Margaret Effernan which speaks of the hidden power of contradiction as a crucial aspect of collaboration.

According to Margaret, a former CEO of five companies, conflict avoidance and selective blindness lead organizations astray. In this inspiring 12-minute talk, she shows how disagreement – which many regard as counter-productive – is crucial for progress. She shows how sometimes the best partners are not echo chambers, but complete opposites. And that their lack of fear to communicate their conflicting views actually gives rise to a higher truth.

In one example, she shows how a ‘whistleblower’ executive at a medical devices company became a hero overnight for not keeping technical concerns to himself. But enough spoilers. Hit the play button and don’t stop watching until the very end. I promise it’s worth every second of your time. When you finish watching, take on the comments. We’re dying to know what you think.

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