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Not so long ago, we celebrated 5 years of VoipNow. We appreciate the feedback we received from our customers and partners, whether it was by email, phone or on social networks. We do build Unified Communications solutions after all, so we greatly value having such diverse means of communication. However, in some cases, it’s important to provide a central, accessible resource where all documentation and feedback can be gathered.

For this exact reason we’ve launched a new collaboration website that includes a lot of useful resources for our fellow developers who are interested in integrating cloud services (such as UC) in their products. The 4PSA Developers Zone is available at

There are tons of useful stuff there. For starters, you’ll have access to documentation regarding the VoipNow’s and DNS Manager’s APIs :

  • CallAPI REST API used for controlling phone calls and getting info about them
  • SystemAPI SOAP API used to control the VoipNow System (add/modify/delete users, charging plans etc.)
  • Business Zone API a REST API used for accessing 4PSA licensing and services automation (will be released shortly and is reserved for partners)
  • DNS Manager SystemAPI same functionality as the one for VoipNow
  • CLI utils for both DNS Manager and VoipNow – tools for managing specific aspects of the systems from the command line

In the same Developers Zone you will be able find demos on how to make a web softphone, a Facebook application, a simple visual conference initiator and much more. There’s documentation on how to make plug-ins for the VoipNow interface or translate VoipNow in your own language through a step-by-step example.

Naturally, no true collaboration site can work without, well, collaboration :). That’s why you are welcome to ask questions or make suggestions by either adding comments or filling the feedback form.

We’ll let you discover the rest on your own, but if you run across anything especially interesting, share it on Twitter or like it on Facebook. Let’s communicate!

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