Five Years of VoipNow – THANK YOU!

Today VoipNow is celebrating 5 years of existence. On May 30 2006, 4PSA was the first company in the world to introduce a communication platform that enabled service providers to offer affordable VoIP services, a state-of-the-art substitute for traditional PBX boxes.

Back in those days, things did not exactly prove to be a walk in the park. In the first two years, we encountered a lot of resistance from potential customers and from the media as well. Everyone was being skeptical about the reliability of telephony in the cloud. One of the cons at that time was that VoIP allegedly could not provide businesses with the necessary quality, especially when using the cloud. Most people didn’t have a clue about the advantages that came with it, things like rapid provisioning, easy management and integration with software, cost reduction, superior functionality, and so much more. We did try to educate the market and the public in this respect, but it was more like a drop in the ocean.

A couple of years later, in early 2008 more precisely, things started to change as several companies ‘replicated’ part of our philosophy. Others simply copied ideas, but there are at least two names in the industry that went so far as to use almost the same structure of the VoipNow name :).

The economic crisis was full of surprises in 2009. People were trying to cut communication costs as much as possible while increasing efficiency. They became more willing to try any solution that could have helped them aim their target. Once they tried VoipNow, they were able to see for themselves the other advantages of using Unified Communications and all of a sudden their initial objective, cost reduction, was no longer that important.

This is a personal ‘Thank You’ to our loyal customers who use VoipNow and send us their feedback on both official and informal channels. Quite funny, this morning a message was waiting in my Inbox. Steve, one of our oldest customers, was asking me whether 4PSA is considering outsourcing technical support or not. The answer is simple: we will never outsource our technical support. While it might save some dollars, it will definitely shatter many of the 4PSA advantages that are horizontally integrated into VoipNow.

This is also more than a ‘Thank You’ to all my past and present colleagues who contributed to making VoipNow a success. VoipNow is the result of a small, yet dedicated team, who believes in a core set of values. These values are more than words and our team knows it. It got tough, but they had never stop believing and doing the right thing. More to this, we owe our success to an international team: while research and development are based in Bucharest, Romania, our colleagues from the Netherlands and the US have greatly contributed to the product.

This is also a big ‘Welcome’ and an invitation to our future colleagues who will make a valuable contribution to reshaping VoipNow within the next five years. In short, we have a lot of vacancies ready to be filled in by talent and passion. 🙂

Although building VoipNow came with lots of challenges, the best part is yet to come. We are leaving five years of continuous progress and evolution behind to build a whole new symbiotic revolution of Unified Communications. This is what VoipNow is heading for. It will be our immense satisfaction to announce it when ready. 🙂

Till then, Happy Birthday VoipNow!


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  • 4PSA, thank you for VoipNow! I’ve met Bogdan for a couple of times at different shows and I was constantly amazed about his vision. The first time I saw him speaking (I think that it was 2008?) I had no clue about what he said, but I was inspired. I can confirm today that everything he said happened exactly as he predicted.

    I don’t have know what 4PSA is preparing, but I am sure that it cannot be other than HUGE.

    An exceptional leader and an amazing team! Happy birthday to all of you, it’s you baby 🙂

    Jackie 13 years ago Reply

  • Hi Bogdan, we’ve met last year in Miami, hope you remember the small chinese guy from California! Congratulations to 4PSA, it is the best company I’ve encountered in my 17 years of professional experience! You should have a party there….

    Mo 13 years ago Reply

  • Hi Bogdan,
    You already know my views and feelings for 4PSA and VoIPNow as I thikn I bug you and your team often enough… I’m happy to see VOIPNow reaching 5 years.
    Looking back at the past years, we only realise now at how much we’ve actually progressed. And looking forward, at how much we will progress judging by the infrastructure currently laid out (MyVoipNow etc).

    I certainly have learnt TONS, especially with the support of your team. Just yesterday, whilst running some Linux commands, I was telling my colleague at how much of Linux I now know when a good few years back i was looking for a Windows Server Based SIP Server prior joining VoipNow.

    A big thank you to Bogdan, Elena, Mihai, Eugen and the rest of the team at 4PSA. Hope to visit you again soon!

    Mohammad 13 years ago Reply

  • Congratulations to 4PSA for VoipNow, I have been working in telecom for 22 years with all major brands. VoipNow has absolutely NO competition. Happy Birthday!

    DeCoste 13 years ago Reply

  • @Jackie – The big things haven’t happened yet 🙂

    @Mo – You are hard to forget 🙂 Hope your business is fine.

    @Mohammad & DeCoste – Thank you, we are trying.

    Bogdan Carstoiu 13 years ago Reply

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