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Technology To The Rescue! Inefficient Collaboration Can (and Will) Endanger Your Business

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Lately, everybody speaks about how you can increase productivity with better collaboration. Let’s think about how we are used to work together: in-person meetings, one-on-one discussions, phone calls that never end etc. Remember those days when, if you stepped away from your desk phone for just a few minutes, you had every chance to miss a business opportunity, or play phone tag for the remainder of the day?! Well, not anymore.

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UC (Or How To Fit 6,207 Work Days In A Year)

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Most entrepreneurs will tell you that, while they love what they do, it is not easy to juggle the many responsibilities that come with the territory. If successful, staff will keep growing in numbers, and invoices – both issued and received- will keep piling up. How can the SMB owner make one’s  life easier?

New research indicates that a company with 100+ employees stands to reclaim the equivalent of 6,207 eight-hour work days over the course of a year by implementing Unified Communications (UC) solutions. In other words, SMBs are poised to reach significant growth by simply deploying new tech.

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Research: Our Web Browsing Habits Have Prehistoric Roots

Humans are very specific in their needs. The less we have to work for something, the more spoiled we become. However, not all of our seemingly arrogant demands are the product of ignorance. The need for control, for example, has been rooted in our subconscious since the Stone Age.

Liraz Margalit, PhD, is resident psychologist at ClickTale. According to Margalit, our need for control has a subconscious impact on everything we do. And that includes web browsing.

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These Startups Tell Their Fail Stories So You Don’t Have To

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It’s a good idea to look at other people’s mistakes every once in a while. As humorist Sam Levenson once said, “You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” In business, it’s vital that you avoid practices that have “high-risk” written all over them. But that’s not the only way you can fail as a startup.

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Computers Can Now Tell Pain

We still rely on hospital staff to tell whether a person – who is under medical treatment and cannot communicate – is in pain. But nurses might soon be able to go on a lunch break without worrying that their mystery coma patient will succumb while they’re munching away.

Researchers at UC San Diego have developed a computer vision algorithm that can assess pain levels by analyzing the patient’s facial expressions. It’s not a first, but the results of this new study are far more promising than ever before.

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Don’t Tweet & Run – 9 Tips for Social Networking At A C-Suite Level

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A whitepaper released by Weber Shandwick this week is a treasure trove of information regarding the social engagement of leaders at the world’s biggest companies, as well as the social trends followed by the most valuable women in business.

Among the numerous interesting data points dished out in the report, Weber outlines nine distinct actions that both new and long-tenure CEOs should consider when socializing online. These social networking tips promise to help bolster their reputation and improve the company’s image. I’ll share them with you in brief, but I encourage everyone to read through the whole “manual” over at The first rule in the book?

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Contact Center Execs Are Finally Warming Up To Cloud Computing

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Here at 4PSA we love to hear that businesses big and small are embracing the cloud. There’s this general misconception that only the IT department can fully assess its benefits, or the need to make the transition. Today more than ever, black suits are well versed in these matters too, according to new research.

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Today’s CEO Is Online And Social [Study]

Weber Shandwick is out with the third edition of its audit for the online presence of CEOs from the biggest companies. Socializing Your CEO III: From Marginal to Mainstream offers a great deal of insight into the C-suite and the importance of social networking for aspiring CEOs today.

The PR firm audited a series of sites and platforms to see how CEOs engage socially. Taken as a whole, the study comprises more than four years of research, from 2010 to this day. A “social CEO” will have:

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Wake Up and Smell Actual Money With This Aroma-Diffusing Alarm Clock

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It’s not exactly how the saying goes, but in the case of Guillaume Rolland’s aromatic alarm clock, “wake up and smell the money” is really quite accurate. This 18-year-old French entrepreneur has come up with an ingenious alarm clock that uses scents instead of ear-ripping beeps and dings to wake people up. The craziest thing about it is that it actually works, according to those who’ve used it.

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