Cool Summer Internship 2016 Kicks Off

Every March, excitement takes over our office. Everyone gets giddy and it’s quite clear we’re just counting down the days ’till a new edition of Cool Summer Internship! This is the exact situation we’re in right now, so let’s take a closer look at what we have in store for this year 🙂


Let’s meet

We’re debuting our 8th internship program during the LSAC IT&C Job Fair today. We’re welcoming brilliant future engineers to our presentation at the Automation and Computers Faculty. Let’s meet in EC105 hall starting 2 PM. This is a great opportunity for all students to find out more about us, what we’re working on and what it takes to become one of our Clouders. Both our CEO, Bogdan Carstoiu, and our newest Clouders will have interesting stories to share.

From Thursday til Friday, starting 10 AM until 6 PM, we’ll be at our booth in the A area with funny t-shirts and snacks 😉

This year we’ve prepared 6 juicy tech internships and we’re recruiting the best of the best for:

  • Internship Cloud Backend Software Engineer
  • Internship Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Internship iOS Software Engineer
  • Internship JavaScript Software Engineer
  • Internship Linux C/C++ Software Engineer
  • Internship SQA Automation Software Engineer

The drill is quite simple: students apply here, take a test and then they are invited to our headquarters for an open discussion.

Not another useless internship


We’re very fond of our Cool Summer Internship and we put a lot of effort into it. Making sure future engineers get real hands-on experience is vital. We make students part of our teams and encourage them to write code from day one. Most interns get their pull request approved to a production branch on their first week.

Here, students don’t get menial tasks. They’re each assigned a mentor, get a clear set of goals and guidance throughout the entire internship. This stems from our transparent and challenging performance system based on Belts (yes, like in karate) that helps people learn new stuff while making progress. It’s something we use for the entire company 😉

Interns at 4PSA get the chance to radically improve their coding skills and there are also plenty of perks for them. Since we’re so in love with tech, both Clouders and interns work on 2 x 24 inch monitors connected to virtual machines that make our jobs much easier. Our tech collection including 3D printers, hoverboards and an Oculus Rift is at their fingertips.

Cool Summer Internship is cool 😀 We like doing things in the fast lane and have fun along the way. We don’t have a dressing code and walk around the office in our slippers or barefooted. We have the best coffee in town and love making weekdays extraordinary – lunch is on the house on Happy Tuesdays, a large selection of fruits every Wednesday, and complimentary drinks on Thirsty Thursdays. We celebrate success and party hard on each anniversary. During the summer, Clouders go out and play football and tennis and some of us can’t keep away from riding our bikes. For those who prefer exercising indoor, we have free sports classes and access to our own well-accessorized gym.

So, if you know anyone who might be the perfect intern for us, send them our way. We’ve got a whole summer full of challenges ahead 🙂

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