Getting From Plain Communication to Instant Collaboration

Research shows that 38% of people feel there is not enough collaboration in their teams, which translates as 38% of employees are unhappy about their job. Here at Hubgets, we are constantly looking for solutions to minimize that percentage of unhappy people by offering them a collaboration solution that improves teamwork and makes work more fun.
Getting From Plain Communication to Instant Collaboration | Hubgets

Bringing an A game to a team

Turning communication into collaboration requires a couple of ingredients: common goals, clear roles, responsibilities, transparency, and feedback. All teams want that, but it’s not something easy to achieve without a common space. This is what we had in mind when we started building Hubgets.
With Hubgets, we wanted to have all communication tools in one place so that people can work in an environment where information flows easily and is instantly available. Giving and receiving input from different departments or even offices is simplified to such a level that you can actually access skills and resources from around the organization. This helps solving problems and innovating faster and, in the long run, reduces costs significantly.

From me to we, the Hubgets way

Collaboration is our top priority. We’re centralizing communication channels to let teams focus on important stuff, even when they’re on the go. Hubgets makes it easy for people to work on their tasks and share their thoughts, and that makes them more efficient and more satisfied with their work.
Via direct messages (DM), topics, audio or video calls, Hubgets users can get in touch with just one or several people. Coworkers, collaborators or customers are easy to reach. We also have a great presence center, showing who’s busy and who’s available. Thanks to status options and the intelligent presence system powering Hubgets, unwanted interruptions are no longer an issue and everybody is kept in the loop.
Research says people waste a staggering amount of 20% of their office time trying to locate information. Hubgets eliminates this time-consuming process. Due to its search capabilities, results are both instant and relevant. Content can be #-ed, and tags make life easier. With Hubgets, meetings happen fast and are actually efficient. Users can open topics to discuss projects or tasks with a couple of teammates or the entire team. Using topics, new teammates can easily get up to speed with projects and get productive faster.
Want to balance collaboration and focus? Need to build stronger teamwork? Take Hubgets for a ride!

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