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Why ‘Agile’ Is the Perfect Recipe for Business

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87% of companies in a poll by BCS The Charted Institute for IT report that the ability to manage changing priorities was among the biggest benefits of jumping wholeheartedly into an agile business model, one that factors in technology and a flexible, modern culture to stay on top of the trends, give competitors a run for their money, and ultimately achieve a healthy bottom line.

Contrary to popular belief, in-person meetings aren’t all that useless (as long as the purpose of the meeting isn’t meeting itself). Data aggregated by Raconteur indicates that 80% of agility adopters have a daily stand-up meeting. This get-together makes communication go full-circle in a collaborative culture, as studies have shown that ‘digital’ cannot and should not replace the spoken word

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Today’s Quote Is About Perseverance

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Everyone is personally responsible with finding that certain something that drives them to get up in the morning and start their day. Some find that impulse in money and fame, while others prefer less materialistic incentives, such as art or gardening.

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App Testing Is Fun

The Apps Team is growing! We are on the look-out for talented software developers with a passion for research and automation testing to join our team in Bucharest.

Many people associate the software testing process with the image of a robot clicking on different links in an attempt to spot issues. Can’t really blame them, as in some cases this is quite necessary. Still, generally speaking, software testing is anything but trivial. As a matter of fact, software testing is software development, with the difference that the output is a software product that tests another software product. On many occasions, developing such a product turns out to be more creative than developing the software that has to be tested.

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The Importance Of Baseline

Defining a baseline is one of the best things you can do if you want to deliver things fast. It sounds like a pretty simple concept, but the truth is that many software engineers do not understand that there should be a baseline in everything.



I personally try to find and impose baselines in everything I do, as this helps me improve work products. This happens in a pretty simple way – the baseline “forces” me keep track of modifications I make and at the same time it makes me more responsible about them. Let’s review some use cases.

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Is Innovation A Process?

When I first ask someone this question, I usually get a brutal answer: not a chance!!! This is what I’ve learned the hard way: true innovation is a process. Accidental innovation is not a process, but a fortunate mistake. 😉 In order to innovate, you have to follow a recipe because innovation must be consistent.

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