The Hidden ROI of User Experience [Infographic]

Ever ask yourself what the ROI of User Experience is? Not many business leaders do, despite UX playing a crucial role in the success of a given product or service.

Experience Dynamics has put together an extensive infographic that attacks the subject from every angle, showing that UX holds a return of investment (ROI) that far exceeds any forecast. For example, did you know that if you get the User Interface right you will have likely eliminated as many as 80% of the unforeseen issues that lay ahead? Or that good UX reduces development time by 33-to50 percent as it helps prioritize dev tasks more easily?

UX gives you lower cost of customer acquisition, because people tend to know good quality when they see it and they will happily spread the word about it, essentially taking care of your marketing problems as well. It enables lower support costs, because the issues are scarce and the product just works. Increased retention means increased market share, “all of which makes for a healthier bottom line,” in the words of the authors themselves.

These are just a few of the tips meant to explain the hidden ROI benefits of User Experience, a topic that should sit high on the agenda of every business leader. Without further ado…

The Hidden ROI of User Experience [Infographic] | Credit: ExperienceDynamics

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