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The Future of Call Centers: Exploring Cloud-Based Technology

Call centers have come a long way since their inception. From brick-and-mortar establishments with rows of cubicles and landline telephones, they have evolved to become agile and sophisticated operations. The advent of cloud technology has revolutionized the call center industry, paving the way for increased efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and improved security. In this article, we will delve into the shift in call center technology, explore the benefits of cloud-based call centers, examine the challenges in their implementation, and predict what the future holds for this dynamic industry.

The Future of Call Centers: Exploring Cloud-Based Technology

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Research Shows How Our Computer Mice Are Betraying Our Feelings

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A friendly interface goes a long way, but building software with the entire User Experience (UX) in mind helps achieve a more straightforward path to the ultimate goal of usability. Researchers at Brigham Young University want to open a new chapter in UX by determining exactly what people are feeling when they are sitting in front of their computers – all through mouse movement interpretation.

The research, Inferring Negative Emotion from Mouse Cursor Movements, reveals how “attention control theory” can leverage our trusty point-and-click devices as real-time indicators of negative emotions. When people experience anger or frustration

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5 Tips to Make Your Customers Love You

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A happy customer is a returning customer. Brand loyalty is when your users have the opportunity and good reason to choose another brand, and yet they choose to stick with you. Maybe it’s how your brand looks. Maybe it’s how it sounds, tastes, or feels. Whatever it is, something clicked with them and they clicked with you.

If your product sells today, that’s no guarantee it will sell tomorrow, or a year from now. Unless you’re giving away free cash bundles, holding on to a user base is no walk in the park. Some companies use surveys to see how consumers view their brand and how they stack against their competitors, and they adjust their practices based on the feedback. Others prefer to pour all their resources into building trust, quality and value, without asking too much around. But most don’t bother to do any of these things. And that’s no way to obtain loyalty

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The Hidden ROI of User Experience [Infographic]

Ever ask yourself what the ROI of User Experience is? Not many business leaders do, despite UX playing a crucial role in the success of a given product or service.

Experience Dynamics has put together an extensive infographic that attacks the subject from every angle, showing that UX holds a return of investment (ROI) that far exceeds any forecast. For example, did you know that if you get the User Interface right you will have likely eliminated as many as 80% of the unforeseen issues that lay ahead? Or that good UX reduces development time by 33-to50 percent as it helps prioritize dev tasks more easily?

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How Much Does Great Customer Experience Really Cost?

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Business leaders make investments based on the likelihood that said investment will be returned. Rarely does an executive pour money into a project whose outcome (return on investment) cannot be immediately quantified. Experts say this is a huge mistake on their part.

Customer experience expert Augie Ray talks about the tremendous importance of customer experience and how every company should prioritize this as much as possible. The key question tackled in his lecture:

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