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Work life balance

6 Awesome Ways to Balance Work and Life

Remote work and freelancing are now on the rise. These days you hear more and more of people quitting their desk jobs to travel around the world. Working as a “suit” seems to be no longer as desirable as being free. And it’s no wonder. Most of us live, work, and die under a lot more pressure than we did even a few decades ago. Stress is one of the main drivers of illness; it reduces productivity and increases anxiety.  However, occupations keep getting more and more automatic. Computers do a lot of the “boring, repetitive stuff”. So why do we have so much stress? And what can we do to achieve balance? Read this article to find out.
Work life balance

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Happy #WorldEmojiDay from Hubgets!

It’s July 17th, so we couldn’t miss celebrating #WorldEmojiDay! We’re such big fans of these little funny pictograms that we just had to make a short movie about them/us. Who says you can’t act like an emoji?

We made this little experiment to see if you can actually be loud and clear just by making faces. And yes, you can! 🙂

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productivity tips

50 Productivity Experts You Must Follow on Twitter

The topic of productivity is so widely exploited that sometimes it’s hard to get through all the platitudes and find relevant information. That’s why Twitter is such a great tool for finding valuable content creators. It’s easy to follow a list of influencers or experts and check their recent activity. If you want to follow everyone mentioned in this article, feel free to subscribe to our public list Top 50 Productivity.
productivity experts on twitter

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Sweet God of Interruptions at Work

There’s a very good reason why I zone out when I have something to finish fast. That reason is usually associated with an annoying voice, but today it was associated with puppy eyes. Seriously, I feel that this is the best strategy to undermine a team’s focus under deadline. Enter #uberPuppies!
Puppy at Hubgets headquarters

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Quote of the Day Is About Success And How To Obtain It

Photo by Robert Baker on Unsplash

All work and no play makes us dull guys and gals. That’s why we’ve made it a rule to have a laugh every once in a while on this blog. This quote of the day is as comical as it gets.

Studies show that having about 12 laughs a day ensures a healthy living. Of course, if you drown yourself in booze and smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, you can’t expect to live to be 100 just by laughing all the time. However, scientists agree that it helps a great deal. No wonder it feels so good to laugh!

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