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Entrepreneurship Comes From Money, Not Genes [Study]

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It’s upsetting to know that your jet-set friends will always have it better than you thanks to their wealthy families, but it’s a reality we have to accept. Many have made their fortunes through hard work, getting up at 5 and investing all their energy in changing paradigms. Who can argue, then, that their offspring received the best?

According to recent studies, it is this simple recipe that usually makes an entrepreneur: wealthy family (i.e. safety net) → great education → Mom & Dad supply capital after graduation → Mom & Dad’s connections pave the way to business-oriented future → business works thanks to positive attitude and risk taking.

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What Makes A ‘Serial’ Entrepreneur

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Okay, so the headline may sound a little scary. But being a serial-something doesn’t always yield negative consequences. In entrepreneurship, it’s actually a revered quality.

A report titled “The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur,” which inspired this neat infographic, highlights some very interesting things. For example, entrepreneurship doesn’t run in the family as often as we’ve been taught to think. Or, if you’re 30 and still haven’t made the cut, don’t worry – most magnates started raking in their fortunes much later.

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How To Find The Perfect Location For Your Startup

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If you could pick any place on Earth to kick-start a venture, what would it be? Startups are almost synonymous with Silicon Valley, but that’s the media’s fault. In reality, startup companies aren’t typical to America at all. In fact, some of the most innovative ideas today are being brewed in Europe and Asia.

To give everyone justice, a community called Founded X offers this cool website where you pick a country and get instant stats about things that matter to a startup – ease of funding, expertise markets, internet coverage/speed, office rental, corporate income tax, etc. You also get some conventional info regarding the weather, the national dish, the average price of a beer (always a good lifestyle indicator), currency, and population density.

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