How To Find The Perfect Location For Your Startup

Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash

If you could pick any place on Earth to kick-start a venture, what would it be? Startups are almost synonymous with Silicon Valley, but that’s the media’s fault. In reality, startup companies aren’t typical to America at all. In fact, some of the most innovative ideas today are being brewed in Europe and Asia.

To give everyone justice, a community called Founded X offers this cool website where you pick a country and get instant stats about things that matter to a startup – ease of funding, expertise markets, internet coverage/speed, office rental, corporate income tax, etc. You also get some conventional info regarding the weather, the national dish, the average price of a beer (always a good lifestyle indicator), currency, and population density.

Navigating is fast and painless, and the design is simple and easy on the eyes. The site is meant to act as a tribute to all those startups that are proud of their local roots, and there’s no shortage of companies who’ve jumped on the ‘Founded In…’ bandwagon already.

“With Founded X we’ve started an initiative that celebrates local innovative startups globally,” writes Marco Andrei K., a contributor to the movement who runs @FoundedInBrazil. “Not focused on the usual suspects but build around the underdogs that develop tomorrow’s innovations and are eager to participate in the worldwide startup economy. Watch your back Bay Area.”

The Founded X Starting kit holds everything you need to get started with your own ‘Founded in…’ list, including a neat logo that represents your country (if it hasn’t been created yet).

Every country comes with a vibrant theme and a site that talks a bit about its heritage. Romania, for example, is represented by Count Dracula and brags about inventing the fountain pen and the modern jet engine, as well as the discovery of insulin.

Holland, appropriately represented by a tulip, has become one of Europe’s hottest startup hubs after experiencing a surge of successful entrepreneurial endeavors. India, with its Taj Mahal-themed profile, boasts about low operating costs, a low entry-barrier and the Government’s active support for startups. See Founded X with your own eyes and let us know what you make of it in the comments.

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