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How Unified Communications Can Improve Your Legal Practice Business

Imagine this scenario: a lawyer and a client, separated by thousands of miles, need to decide if they’re going to accept a settlement by the 5 p.m. deadline. They planned on connecting over the phone at 4 p.m. to come to a decision, but the client is too busy with another meeting. Thankfully, with the help of Unified Communications, they are able to connect via instant messaging and discuss the settlement (without having to leave the meeting), reaching a decision before the deadline passes.

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Why We Were Happy to Support Rails Girls Bucharest

On May 30-31st, for the first time ever, Bucharest was the host of the international Rails Girls event, that we were happy to support as a main sponsor. Rails Girls Bucharest was a 2-day free workshop exclusively dedicated to women who are new to software engineering, but keen on learning Ruby on Rails. The event, organized by Girls Who Code Romania, was held simultaneously in Bucharest, Cluj, and Timișoara.

We chose to support Rails Girls Bucharest, not only because at 4PSA women are significantly represented (approximately 45% of our software engineers are women). But because we truly believe that women play an important role in technology.

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For the past couple of weeks, we have been rolling out our new logo and brand visuals. Let’s face it, everybody needs to update their online presence once in a while, but changing the logo and brand visuals is a different story.

Why We Did It?

We liked our old logo because it was ours, but we were aware that it was not telling much about us. That’s why we decided to change it, for the first time in history. Many people in our team were highly attached to the old logo, so this proved to be a difficult process. We held internal brainstorming sessions, brand key workshops, and we tried using specialists outside the company.

In the end, we created the new logo internally, using an iterative process. This worked better than using external talent because no one was able to understand better than us the mechanisms that made us build our products this way, or fully grasp the emotions that change 4PSA every day.


It’s all about the people and the story behind them.

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And The Happy iPad Mini Goes To…

On February 7th, to mark 4PSA’s 12th anniversary, we put out a challenge for all our partners. We asked you to send us a testimonial describing your experience with 4PSA’s products. And many of you responded. A big thank you to all of you! 🙂

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Time To Celebrate

It’s that time of the year again, when technology companies start opening champagne bottles, celebrating their products and success stories. We like bubbles very much as well, so we wanted to share some great news with you.


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Let’s Chat Online On

As you have probably noticed earlier today, a chat service is available on our website. From now on, visitors will be just one chat window away from getting commercial assistance fast and to the point.

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The 4PSA Padawan Adventure

We are students, we may not fight with lightsabers, but we definitely had an internship. A great internship, we might add. 🙂

We’re writing this from the orange open space office, where we worked with the 4PSA team and… we became part of it. Here, we had a great summer, we made friends and learned a lot of cool things. But, more importantly, we felt like we belonged to this large family.

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Product Oriented Teams

Until recently, 4PSA has had a pretty standard organization, with function-based departments – Sales and Marketing, Software Development (with many teams), Technical Support, Administration, Human Resources etc. This worked decently for many years and that is why I still recommend it as the default organization for any company really focused on a single product.

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Is Innovation A Process?

When I first ask someone this question, I usually get a brutal answer: not a chance!!! This is what I’ve learned the hard way: true innovation is a process. Accidental innovation is not a process, but a fortunate mistake. 😉 In order to innovate, you have to follow a recipe because innovation must be consistent.

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