The 4PSA Padawan Adventure

We are students, we may not fight with lightsabers, but we definitely had an internship. A great internship, we might add. 🙂

We’re writing this from the orange open space office, where we worked with the 4PSA team and… we became part of it. Here, we had a great summer, we made friends and learned a lot of cool things. But, more importantly, we felt like we belonged to this large family.

First of all, the people here are great, always eager to help and, as interns, we really needed it. Whenever we got stuck, the mentors were there for us. Not only did they guide our steps while solving different tasks, but they also provided real feedback that helped us grow. Of course, this applies to effectively anyone here: they are genuinely happy to help their younger peers.

Here, in the cloud, one can never feel overwhelmed by work. Like every other person in this Universe, we enjoy breaks (but not one break after another :D). That’s why, during the internship we had at least one happy day during the week. After finishing a task, or a test case or a piece of documentation, or… just because, we could rest our minds at a Pilates class or a game of fussball or darts.

The 4PSA Padawan Adventure


And, if we were out of energy and needed some fuel to reinvigorate, well, we would sneak into the kitchen and brew ourselves a great cup of coffee. If you drop by, we’ll show how it’s done, but you have been warned – it’s the best coffee in town. What’s even more incredible is that … well, we will let you find out by yourself! No more spoilers! Still, did we ever tell you about the fantastic parties?

But let’s talk a little more about what we loved working on at 4PSA. Well, we had a lot of learning opportunities, that challenged our minds and made us step out of our comfort zone. It was no longer about doing homework. We had to solve tasks on real projects that were verified by clients, not by automated testers (do you feel us, people from Poly?). We found reasons to try and deeply understand the requirements, to rigorously test our own work, to document every major step in our code…

There is a whole process waiting to be discovered by programmers like you, that are eager to push their limits, to grow as engineers, and have fun in the process.

So, if “2b || ! 2b an intern at 4PSA?” is the question, FF is the answer! 🙂

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