The Non Scalable Business

One of the most important things in business is to think scalable. If you want to start a business and dimension it only for the first 100 customers, than something is wrong with your plans and the business will most likely fail. We all see success stories from people that started a business without anticipating its grow, but this usually happens with businesses that offer something very innovative and in very few cases (I could not find any official statistics regarding this, but I am sure that less than the success rate in these conditions is less than 0.01%).

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New 4PSA Software for Plesk 9

We released yesterday new 4PSA software packages for Plesk 9. There are a number of general improvements that affected all products (as we have 11 packages for Plesk, I will not discuss about any particular product, but about things that affected all of them):

New installer. This installer works (for the moment) with Linux distributions that support RPM packaging (Redhat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Suse). It is very easy to install bundles or separate products with the installer, as you only have to choose the packages you want to install.

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VoipNow 2 Webinar Schedule. Join Now!

It looks like we made a mistake with the VoipNow 2 webinar schedule. Initially we planned it for 28 November, but we forgot about the US Thanksgiving Day. Therefore we fixed this mistake and rescheduled the webinar for Wednesday, 3 December 2008, 16:00GMT (US Eastern: 11:00 EST, US Pacific: 8:00 PST, Central Europe: 17:00 CET).

The 4PSA VoipNow webinar will be held by VoipNow’s chief architect and will contain in-depth information about the new system features, upgrade to VoipNow 2 process and future platform development. The system presentation will take around 60 minutes and will be followed by an interactive questions and answers session.

In order to join the webinar on Wednesday, please go here.

This link will work only in the day of the webinar! See you there!

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VoipNow Hosted in Europe

Finally we introduced VoipNow hosted in Europe. Servers are located in Netherlands, in a location that provides excellent connectivity to the entire Europe. We ran some latency and packet loss tests with several contries in Europe and the results are very good.

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Clouds = Holy Grail?

Everybody seems to love clouds, judging after how many times per day I see the term “cloud” on my Internet browsing. A lot of people speak about clouds. Clouds seem to be the computing Holy Grail, and they will solve all past, present and future issues. Yes, they will also defeat the economic crisis and they will help companies survive (are you selling apples in the market? Don’t worry, the cloud is with you and it will save your business). Did I mention that clouds will create new jobs and will save software companies from disaster?

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Invitation to the free 4PSA VoipNow 2 Webinar

This is a nice opportunity to see VoipNow 2 before anyone else. On November 28, 2008 December 3, 2008, 4PSA will hold a 90 minutes webinar focused on VoipNow 2 features and functionalities. 4PSA VoipNow Chief Architect will explain how the new features help providers grow their business. If you want to register, please go here.

Seats are limited, first come, first served rule applies. Once again, this is free. You will be notified by email during the second part of November about the webinar access details.

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Amazon EC2 packaging and support

Just a quick notice that Amazon EC2 is an official deployment platform for VoipNow. Basically this means that you can use EC2 in order to install VoipNow very easily (it actually takes several minutes), because we provide a VoipNow image that can be used when you install a machine on EC2.

What is so nice about EC2? Actually there are multiple reasons:

– pay as you grow model (you pay only for what you use).

– Amazon EC2 is a highly reliable platform

– deployment is very fast, you do not have to wait to get the server

– the service scales pretty well

– it is possible to share information with other machines on EC2

– you can get your instance installed in US or Europe (and maybe other locations in the future)

This initiative is pretty interesting especially for companies that have problems locating a provider offering VoipNow they can agree on. It is also very easily to evaluate VoipNow on this infrastructure, just think that you will pay around 10USD for several days of VoipNow evaluation on Amazon EC2!

Of course, you will need an Amazon Web Services account to play with it, but you can easily signup online. How to deploy VoipNow on Amazon EC2 using the 4PSA provided AMI.

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Time for SaaS. 4PSA Integrator 3 Released

We want to let you know that we released 4PSA Integrator 3, the latest update of popular SaaS delivery platform for Plesk. The latest version brings some new things; one of the most important is the simplification of the installation and maintenance process.

The fastest deployment might not sound like a big deal when you have two servers, but when you are dealing with 300 servers, such improvements can lead to important cost savings (and cost savings are very important now in order to remain competitive).

I think that the market will increase focus on SaaS, because as Paul Getty said once, “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it”. I might add “if you are uncertain and you want to buy, think twice” 🙂 With the present economical situation, this looks to be the perfect time for SaaS. And with 4PSA Integrator you can offer CRM, bulletin boards, collaboration, project management, ecommerce applications very easily to your SMB customers.

With 4PSA Integrator 3 hosting companies can easily deploy 4PSA Integrator on servers using the RPM or Virtuozzo EZ templates. This upgrade is available for all customers with a valid SUS.

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4PSA Clean Server 4 Is Available

I guess you remember that two months ago I told you about a new version of Clean Server. At that time it was planned for release in September. Well, it was almost on schedule, one week later :), so right now you can download it. There are many improvements on this version, starting with the architecture and ending with the product distribution. I suggest you to read this brochure, as it describes quite nicely the new features and functionality.

Several customers are already running it, one of them with a large infrastructure of Plesk servers. He has around 300 servers, but they didn’t find enough time to upgrade them all. Anyways, they keep upgrading more and more every day and they dedicated several nodes for scanning (last time I checked, they were using five nodes). The results impressed them (funny: before this test they also offered Dr.Web for dedicated servers and VPS, but after the last week they decided to drop it from the offer). The average load on the servers got 40% lower and they did not experience any problems related to local email delivery. Before Clean Server 4, a lot of problems occurred due to email floods.

But I let you test it and build your own feedback.

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VoipNow 2 Roadmap released

We recently published the roadmap for VoipNow 2. VoipNow 2 is more than a new version, it’s a major evolution of the product, which differentiates the product from any possible competition. You can read more here.

In the following days we will try to explain the features in the upcoming version (I agree that the roadmap might not contain the most detailed information). What do you want to know most? 🙂 Do you have any disappointments?

Please don’t ask me about the release date. At this time we don’t know it exactly and I think that marketing will also want to keep it secret. What I know is that we will have a public beta for the new version, mostly because there are a lot of new features and changes involved.

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