IKEA Reacts to Apple Pencil with Brilliant Ad

IKEA Reacts to Apple Pencil with Brilliant Ad | Image credits: IKEA

You’ve got to hand it to Apple. They could sell you sand in the desert if they wanted to. Case in point, earlier this week the Cupertino behemoth unveiled new gadgetry, including one “completely familiar” and “entirely revolutionary,” pencil.

It’s not just any pencil, though. To Apple’s credit, the device is teeming with technology (if we’re to believe the marketing page), and you can use it to sketch, paint, smudge, draw lines of any weight or angle, add shades, even draft a blueprint, right on your new iPad Pro. To do all this, it has its own brains and (implicitly) needs a recharge every now and then. Apple has made it convenient. It juices up through the iPad Pro’s Lightning Connector and gives you 12 hours of use on a single charge. Plug it in for just 15 seconds and you’re good to go for 30 minutes. Not too shabby! BUT. In typical Apple fashion, it’s also a bit expensive: $99. Or, as Apple puts it, “just $99.”

IKEA couldn’t let it slide. Notorious for the generous stashes of pencils found at every corner throughout its Titanic-sized stores, the Scandinavian furniture maker decided to take a jab at Apple and (perhaps) capitalize on the hype surrounding Tuesday’s event with the above advertisement.

Well played, IKEA. Well played!

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