Audio Conferences—The Convenient Way to Hold a Meeting

The modern business environment is driven by meetings. According to this 2021 Productivity Trends Report, the average business professional spends 21.5 hours in meetings each week. Meanwhile, a busy professional spends almost 33 hours in meetings, weekly. Companies are constantly looking for ideal meeting times in order to increase productivity. And what about the meeting format? If you are looking to reclaim time and increase meeting productivity, consider audio conferences. Here are a few reasons why this is the best option to run your business and keep your team members engaged.

Audio Conference, The Convenient Way to Hold a Meeting

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The 2022 Wrap-Up, Five Trends and A Prediction

For many, 2022 was the first year of normality after two very long years of pandemic. Profound workplace changes for both workers and employers alike, businesses navigating economic downturn, and people feeling the pressure of galloping inflation—the past twelve months were anything but quiet! Now is the perfect time for the 2022 wrap-up, let’s do it together.

The 2022 Wrap-Up: 5 Trends that Impacted Business this Year

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The Productivity Box: Making a Checklist, Checking It Twice

This season is hectic and there’s often no way around it. That mad rush to complete all of your end-of-year tasks while keeping up with holiday parties, office events, and family plans can feel nearly impossible. There’s a house to decorate, gifts to shop for, meals to plan out, and guests to entertain. And that’s on top of your normal workload. How do you balance it all, while holding onto sanity in the process? Let’s follow the magic of the checklist.

The Productivity Box: Making a Checklist and Checking It Twice

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Make Your Holiday Communication Great (Again)

The holiday season is also a season of vacations and time off. In fact, almost all (97 percent) of American workers expect to have Thanksgiving and Christmas off. New Year’s Day and Eve, Christmas Eve, and Black Friday are also popular days to close offices. During this time, many people use their vacation days and take a little extra time for themselves. As a result, your office goes quiet and so does your holiday communication.

Make Your Holiday Season Business Communication Great Again

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