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Greetings from Europa Park in Rust, Germany. We can’t wait to lift the cloth off our newborn baby – Hubgets – an awesome new collaboration platform that promises to forever change the way we work. Only a few more hours ’till the keynote!

Booth D01 is our temporary home at WHD and we’re available to discuss the latest technology we’ve come up with to help businesses grow. Visitors are currently getting a hands-on with Hubgets. Here’s why we’re so excited about it!





As part of our longstanding goal to make Unified Communications truly unified, we’re also demoing a much improved VoipNow 3.5. We recently joined Dell’s Technology Partner Program, certifying VoipNow on Dell’s PowerEdge servers. Pictured below is our CEO dispensing invaluable advice on how service providers, enterprises, and telcos can drive successful communication with VoipNow-on-Dell.



If you’re on the scene, drop by booth D01 to see our newborn baby, and don’t forget about the keynote at 16:55 (just before Steve Wozniak). More updates to follow. Stay tuned.

Update #1

Booth is teeming with curious visitors. Must be because our corner is super user-friendly. Just like Hubgets 😉

booth wide


Update #2

4PSA CEO Bogdan Carstoiu has rocked the stage at 2015 with a discussion on the growing need for collaboration tools, which stirred a lot of interest and enthusiasm in the attendee ranks.





  • In a world packed to the brim with companies of all shapes and sizes, many still refuse to adopt digital communication, even though collaboration tech is ripe for the picking.
  • Communication is equally important internally as it is externally. Getting this right is the key to successful collaboration with team members and different departments within your organization, but also with clients and partners, according to Bogdan.
  • We spend roughly 20% of our time locating information, when we could simply rely on our communication channels to just search for it. Hubgets – our team collaboration app – passes this test with flying colors. And it promises to enhance work in the office tenfold. “From presence to chat, calls, voicemail, recordings everything is searchable. Hubgets smart search builds knowledge,” says Bogdan.
  • Another interesting point, slow reaction equals slower operations (i.e. fewer sales). Real-time collaboration sells more and improves customer satisfaction.
  • On filtering out the noise. Every team wants as little disturbance as possible. Hubgets lets you filter it out and focus on what’s truly important.
  • Hubgets is a service provider’s dream come true! Providers can now upsell ‎collaboration‬ to their customer base and gain a sticky service guaranteed to bring in more revenue.
  • Offer Hubgets to your user base and they’ll never want to go back to their fragmented collaboration tools.


#‎communication‬ must flow!


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