How Social Are Fortune’s 2014 Most Powerful Women in Business?

Photo by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash

MPW stands for a lot of things. Including Melbourne Performance Warehouse or Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop. More recently, however, the acronym took on a different form. Today, MPW often refers to Most Powerful Women in Business. Women executives in general (but not limited to the C-suite).

A study conducted by Weber Shandwick reveals that 76% of the MPW demographic is social, closely tracking Fortune Global 50 CEOs at 80%. However, unlike their male counterparts, MPWs are more likely to be on their company website, than on YouTube or social networks. So, how social are Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business? Here are the numbers, according to Weber Shandwick.

  • 76% of are social online
  • 60% use the company website
  • 40% engage with the company YouTube channels
  • 30% are active on social networks

According to that last data point, women leaders in general are more social than their male equivalents. The same study reveals that only 28% of global CEOs socialize online. However, like the top CEOs, MPWs will mostly find themselves writing a post or connecting with others on LinkedIn (26%) more than on any other social medium. Twitter comes in second at 14%. Facebook is virtually inexistent for male CEOs, while some women leaders will make time for the social network (6%). In fact, Google+ is slightly more popular (8%) than Facebook as far as MPWs are concerned.

Andrea Learned, Thought Leadership Strategist and Sustainable Business Writer, says social media may be vital when building businesses through “thought leadership.” According to Andrea, social networks are helping women leaders make their voices hears. She believes the female demographic can “add fresh thinking to important conversations, and build trusted community with an impact that makes a world of business difference.”

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