Here’s One Reason Why You Should Definitely Hire More Women


Here's One Reason Why You Should Definitely Hire More Women

When we set out to develop Hubgets, we started with the customer’s problem – fragmented collaboration – then we began building. Creating a top-notch product for a non-existing market gets you nowhere. You want to analyze the problem first, then find the solution.

This mindset isn’t typical in business, believe it or not. Many companies create products with their fingers crossed behind their backs hoping someone will buy them. We don’t think that’s the right way to go. That’s why we designed Hubgets to look and feel a lot like a social networking platform – one that people would know how to pick up and use at first glance, creating a lean learning path for everyone looking to boost their collaborative efforts, internally and externally.

At 4PSA, we have just as many girls as we do guys. Much of the feedback circulating during testing is generated by the girls in our organization. As we ramp up our efforts to ship Hubgets, more often than not, it’s the fairer sex who is vocal about wanting something tweaked in the software. This drives progress, leading to a more polished end product and a happier outcome for everyone. So why are our girls so outspoken? Science explains:

It’s all in the DNA

Not too long ago, researchers stumbled upon an interesting find as they analyzed the communication behaviors of men versus women: as it turns out, women have higher levels of the Foxp 2 protein, which has been linked to a more talkative nature. In fact, women are much more chatty than males, uttering 20,000 words in general per day – that’s 13,000 more than guys. Girls also learn to speak earlier and faster than boys do, according to the analysis.

Pew Research reports similar findings in a study conducted on teens using social media. The nonpartisan fact tank found that social networks make teenagers feel better connected to their friends’ feelings. 8 in 10 say it allows them to relate better to events unfolding in their friends’ lives. As far as girls were concerned, the poll uncovered that they are more likely to say “they are ‘a lot’ better connected to information about their friends’ lives (40% vs. 26% boys) and their friends’ feelings (24% vs. 16% of boys) thanks to social media,” the report reads. Nearly 7 in 10 teens said they received support from friends through social media during tough times. Girls were more likely to report receiving such support (73% vs. 63% boys).

Extra communication never hurt anyone

A big chunk of social media users agreed that the Internet lets you be more outward about your preferences and beliefs, and your personality in general. According to one high-school girl, platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow people to show different sides of themselves, ones that they might not show offline

“If you’re in person with them, you can joke around. But then like if you’re texting with them or talking about something serious, you can talk about serious things and politics and stuff, and it shows a different side of yourself that you might not talk about with them in person,” she said.

At the end of the day, you don’t need science to know that communication is the key to a fruitful relationship, be it at home with your spouse and kids, or at work with your employers and your colleagues. Even gossip can sometimes reveal problems in dire need of fixing, problems that the men might be reluctant to bring up for fear of being labeled as whiners 😉

Simply put, communication is something that women excel at. Perhaps equally important, they also enjoy doing it. For business – any kind of business – it’s an invaluable asset.

Disclaimer: this article offers a general view of how science describes our communication habits and does not reflect the individual personalities of men or women everywhere.

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