Expert Tells It How It Is: VoIP Keeps Pace with Growth, Fixed Phones Not So Much

Establishing a business today is no picnic. The space is highly competitive, and you need to get a few kinks out of the way before you make your first sale. One of those is communication. If you want to survive and / or grow, you cannot risk not getting this one right.

Imagine trying to pitch your latest and greatest to a packed audience without a microphone in your hand. Much in the same way, your office needs the communication aspect cleared out before anything else. If clients can’t get your message in a timely fashion, you’re already spiraling down to failure.

Keep up with the times

So if communications aren’t brisk, what do you do? Even if you can point a few fingers here and there, chances are you’ll need to take a look at your infrastructure too. If it’s old, it’s fixed. If it’s fixed, you’ve got a problem. Not a small one, but a big one.

Photo by Eduardo Sánchez on Unsplash

In a brief history of legacy telephony versus up-and-coming Internet based solutions jotted down for TechTarget, industry expert Jon Arnold relays how the flexibility of VoIP has become a vital requirement for sustainability and growth.

A principal analyst at J Arnold & Associates, Jon is an expert in telecoms, as well as a strategy consultant. He knows a thing or two about disruptive technologies like VoIP and mobile broadband, as well as unified communications, collaboration, SIP trunking, and everything in between.

After slamming legacy phones for their inability to scale up to ever-changing demands, the analyst outlines some major gains posed by solutions like our own VoipNow.

“VoIP itself presents no natural barriers to growth”

Arguably one of VoiP’s most valuable assets is scalability, which refers to the platform’s ability to free up more or less resources as you go. Arnold explains:

“VoIP phone systems, on the other hand, easily scale up or down to your needs. This means you can always adjust your telephony setup and have more financial certainty for budgeting purposes … The underlying technology has a lot to do with that scalability, and in these scenarios SIP trunking will likely be part of the plan … You may need to make some LAN upgrades along the way, but VoIP itself presents no natural barriers to growth.”

4PSA’s VoipNow comes with infrastructure recommendations tailored to your organization’s needs. It maximizes cloud advantages and raw computing resources molding them into a powerful Unified Communications tool. Designed to be served up as SaaS (Software as a Service), VoipNow comes as a highly reliable solution that service providers can use to cater to private users in small business but also large enterprise environments. Interested in what else our baby can do?

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