VoipNow 3.5 Beta Is Here. Help Us Test It!

We have just released VoipNow 3.5 Beta. It’s been a long journey, but the first beta of the new version is finally here, better than ever.

It contains over 80 core improvements designed to help you win the SMB market such as upgraded architecture, improved UI, better PBX with support for WebRTC, call encryption, and a lot of other enhancements that simplify the operation of large deployments. It also comes with over 100 bug fixes, most of them related to the updated architecture.

Even more important, this major step in VoipNow’s evolution provides support for Hubgets, the next generation communications and collaboration app for SMBs. Hubgets will be shipped with VoipNow 3.5 and our partners can start offering new services to their current customer base immediately, taking advantage of VoipNow’s provisioning features.


Get VoipNow 3.5 Beta

We need your help to better validate VoipNow 3.5 for production. We invite you all to test the Beta and send us bug reports and suggestions. This is the first Beta, expect other pre-releases to follow on a regularly basis.

Just let your fellow technical colleagues, developers, and anyone else who likes to play know that it’s available. Installation takes a couple of minutes and requires just a command to be executed. VoipNow 3.5 Beta is also available for CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 (x86_64).

Play with it, break it, hack it, test your favorite integrations on it. Please DO NOT upgrade any of your existing production systems to this Beta. Not only will we not support it, but most likely you will no longer be able to upgrade to the GA version either!

On the other hand, if you want to upgrade a production system clone for testing purposes, our Professional Services team will happily assist you.

Free Upgrade Service for Top Reporters

We appreciate your effort in helping us make this release better. The top 5 most avid bug reporters will receive a free VoipNow upgrade performed by our Professional Services team.

More details about VoipNow 3.5 Beta, including installation instructions are available here.

Thanks a Lot

To all our customers and partners that put their trust in us, thank you for your support!

To all Clouders whose hard work and dedication made VoipNow 3.5 possible, just two words: you rock 😎

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