TouchMeNow, The UC Revolution

Ever since our release of the world’s first UC software in 2006, all service providers have been asking for a way to turn communication into a more personal experience. After 2 years of intense development, we are finally ready to make the big announcement.

The entire 4PSA team proudly announces the release of TouchMeNow, a revolutionary solution that bundles software and hardware to deliver a previously unimaginable communication experience. Making use of haptic technology, TouchMeNow incorporates an unexpected, but highly desired element to Unified Communications: touch.


For further details, please check out TouchMeNow’s full feature list.

Call Center Edition

Whether you’re a regular call center looking to improve your customer’s experience or a grown-ups service aiming to make the relationship with your customers even more personal, TouchMeNow Call Center Edition is what you were looking for.

  • Public/private conferencing rooms. 2, 3 or multiple member room support is implemented for call centers. Twosome, threesome and swingers are available for grown-ups services.
  • Predictive behavior alert system
  • Offensive language suggest list
  • High definition audio. Scream-out-loud and face-reading-on are available as default settings.
  • Integration with text2speech engines and scenario templates
  • Admin barge-in and disconnection in case things get too nasty
  • Real-time user activity reporting. This feature can be used for providing “peek-but-don’t-touch” services as well, by setting up the corresponding permissions and limits.

Home Alone Edition

To be able to fully enjoy the advantages delivered by Touch Unified Communications, we thought about residential users as well and added additional functionality, like:

  • Gesture screen saver activation. You can activate the software with only the waiver of one hand or… the other…
  • Hands-free chat. The patent-pending technology will forever change the way you chat.
  • Spouse/parent notification system. To be able to fully enjoy the experience, we have built-in this alerting system to keep you focused, without being alert.
  • Ultra – stealth mode
  • Customizable user avatars and nicknames. You precious!

As you can see, we’re already enjoying the advantages of Touch Unified Communications. How about you? 😉

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