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How to Empower Your Organizational Culture with Hubgets Team Board

Good teams value the opinions and interests of each team member. Great teams create contexts where each and everyone can voice them out. Hubgets Team Board builds that kind of context for your team and helps your organizational culture by enabling members to share what they know, what they’re interested in, and what they like. Because work is not just tasks and projects, it’s also getting to know and having fun with your teammates.
On every update that we did so far, we made sure that the Team Board got sleeker and better. Today we’re excited to show you that Hubgets Team Board is now more engaging than ever. Let’s find out how it can help you empower your organizational culture.

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How to Index and Search All Your Business Communication

We all know how important it is to have access to the right information exactly when you need it. In business, this can make the difference between closing or losing a deal. And it also has a huge impact on our work productivity. Nobody likes to invest time in searching for scattered pieces of data in order to get their work done. In Hubgets, you can index and search all your business communication. Here’s how.

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Your Team Board Just Got a Fresh New Look

Here at Hubgets we’re really fond of our Team board. We think of it as our daily roller coaster or water cooler. It’s where we share everything and anything that concerns us as a team – both serious and fun stuff, news, updates, photos, videos, and web content. Now you can understand why we couldn’t leave our “daily playground” out of our latest improvement plan. In this article, we’ll tell you how we made the Team board sleeker and better.
Team Board Just Got A New Look | Hubgets

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All Aboard the Team Board

Did you see it the last time you logged in on Hubgets? Or maybe after we’ve asked you to refresh the page because we have some new features for you. It’s entirely possible you just clicked on a status update and found it. But yeah, it’s true. We now have a neat Team Board ready to gather all your teammates’ status updates in one place.

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