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They’ve Done It – Researchers Create Artificial Skin That Senses Touch

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Stanford this week featured an article about its latest technological feat: artificial skin that can “feel.” That’s right. Professor Zhenan Bao and a few other engineering wizards have put the finishing touches on a material that can replicate human skin and sense touch and pressure and send those signals to the human brain.

The “skin” is made of two layers of rubber, one of which has a flexible circuit printed on it. In between the two layers there’s a

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Scientists Invent Liquid Metal That Can Move By Itself [Video]

It won’t be long before we do away with rotating electric motors in robots. There are much more practical designs to be used (muscle replicas), and scientists are pursuing these designs in what is an actual field of work: robotics. But one new invention may allow us to leap even further.

A team of scientists in China has obtained a liquid metal akin to mercury (but made from gallium, indium, and tin) which ‘eats’ aluminum to move. The process is slightly more complex than that, and it’s all explained in the embedded YouTube clip below.

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