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5 Most Successful Types of Entrepreneurs and Personality Testing

Sorting through types of entrepreneurs is not something human resources get to do. Entrepreneurs, especially founders, often are the first employee. They set the tone and the future company culture. In effect, types of entrepreneurs translate into types of companies.
At the same time, hiring based on personality type is a big deal nowadays. More and more human resources managers include some sort of personality testing into hiring. Why? Because more and more organizations want to make sure they onboard the right candidate. Personality testing seems to be a safe way to ensure employees will fit in.
Yet, oftentimes the same results don’t apply to types of entrepreneurs. In fact, it appears that entrepreneurs that “make it” constantly change the paradigm for which personality type does what. Hence, let’s cover personality types for a bit, and then go into types of entrepreneurs.
5 Most Successful Types of Entrepreneurs and Personality Testing

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The Effects of Turnover Go Far Beyond HR Expenses

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Most business owners are careful not to overspend by hiring people with only a decent skill-set in hopes of training them to become experts in the long run. But if the U.S. is any indication, this approach couldn’t be more wrong.

When making career moves, Americans don’t look inside their organization for an opportunity two switch lanes. Instead, they look into the offerings of other companies. 93% of U.S. adults report leaving their employer to

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Are You Among the 5% with a “Great” Job?

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The most quoted jobs metric in the world, “Unemployment,” is misleading. And because we lack metrics to asses the quality of a position, we are also facing a problem in defining what a good job is. But recent undertakings shed more light on the matter, revealing where all the great jobs are, complete with the deficits that remain.

Gallup’s first World Poll was conducted a decade ago, in 2005. Then, like now, it was found that people crave a good job. Crudely speaking, this means 30+ hours per week and a decent paycheck. 1.3 billion out of the world 5 billion adults have a good job, based on this definition. 12% of these are engaged at work, in what can be considered not just a good job, but a great job

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