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Unplugged Summer Digital Detox: How To Feel Rejuvenated

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are living in front of the screen more than ever before. Work, school, news, shopping, socializing, nowadays everything is digital. Technology brings many benefits and we rely on it for every aspect of our lives. However, at some point, it can also become tiring and even harmful. If you feel that you need a break away from the screen, now it’s the perfect time for a summer digital detox.

Summer Unplugged Digital Detox: How To Feel Rejuvenated

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Why ‘Agile’ Is the Perfect Recipe for Business

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87% of companies in a poll by BCS The Charted Institute for IT report that the ability to manage changing priorities was among the biggest benefits of jumping wholeheartedly into an agile business model, one that factors in technology and a flexible, modern culture to stay on top of the trends, give competitors a run for their money, and ultimately achieve a healthy bottom line.

Contrary to popular belief, in-person meetings aren’t all that useless (as long as the purpose of the meeting isn’t meeting itself). Data aggregated by Raconteur indicates that 80% of agility adopters have a daily stand-up meeting. This get-together makes communication go full-circle in a collaborative culture, as studies have shown that ‘digital’ cannot and should not replace the spoken word

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BYOD Programs Responsible for 53% Higher Revenues in 2015

Tech juggernaut Dell has published the results from its annual Global Technology Adoption Index for the year 2015. According to the study, mobility is currently responsible for a 50% difference in performance between the companies that have a BYOD policy set in place and those that don’t.

The Dell Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI) 2015 report shows how IT and business decision makers of mid-market organizations around the world perceive and use four key technologies: the cloud, mobility (BYOD), security and big data

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Why Everyone Wants to Work at a Digitally-Mature Company

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Strategy, not technology, is the key driver to success in the digital arms race that we keep hearing about recently. Some studies suggest that having a technological arsenal is enough to keep you afloat, but research conducted by MITSloan in collaboration with Deloitte paints a slightly different picture about the business world today.

Everyone agrees that being conservative isn’t exactly the best way to do business. But at the same time, neither is lavishing millions on bleeding-edge tech acquired purely in the hope that it will give your competitors the chills. The 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte reveals that strategizing your digital investments is more important than the digital investments themselves. And here’s why

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Chasing Digital Value – Most Companies Want Returns, Not Disruption

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According to the PWC 2015 Global Digital IQ Survey, “digital” is creating significant disruption inside organizations everywhere, but not so much on the outside. Few companies are looking at tech investments with the same eyes, but those who see disruption power in digital have been attributed a “Digital IQ” that surpasses that of ordinary companies.

If technology does one thing right, it’s disruption. New technology means new capabilities, new inroads, new ways to reach the market or answer customer needs, faster ways to reach the market and customer needs, and so on, and so forth

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How to Rate Your Company’s Digital IQ

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Once upon a time you could start a business with your bare hands and rely solely on manpower to grow. Not anymore. Virtually every business today relies (more or less) on technology to stay relevant, increase awareness of its brand and sell, sell, sell.

In its 2015 Global Digital IQ Survey, consultancy firm PWC draws attention to what can be considered the 10 technological commandments for business – 10 attributes that fuel the digital growth engine of an organization

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