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Why Everyone Wants to Work at a Digitally-Mature Company

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Strategy, not technology, is the key driver to success in the digital arms race that we keep hearing about recently. Some studies suggest that having a technological arsenal is enough to keep you afloat, but research conducted by MITSloan in collaboration with Deloitte paints a slightly different picture about the business world today.

Everyone agrees that being conservative isn’t exactly the best way to do business. But at the same time, neither is lavishing millions on bleeding-edge tech acquired purely in the hope that it will give your competitors the chills. The 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte reveals that strategizing your digital investments is more important than the digital investments themselves. And here’s why

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Companies with Digital Growth Strategies Make All the Money [Study]

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New research reveals that companies with a digital transformation plan set in place are the ones raking in the most cash annually, compared to regular organizations that use traditional tools and methods to do business. It’s not the first time a market study reveals this, but then why isn’t everyone doing it? Simple: because it takes technology-literate executives to drive these initiatives. And they don’t grow on trees.

The study, conducted by Freefrom Dynamics, has produced a measurement tool capable of assessing the digital effectiveness of companies worldwide, showing the impact that digital investments have on a company’s bottom line. The Digital Effectiveness Index (DEI) reveals that the companies achieving high returns from digital investments drive the most market disruption, securing them as “digital distruptors” in the study

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How to Rate Your Company’s Digital IQ

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Once upon a time you could start a business with your bare hands and rely solely on manpower to grow. Not anymore. Virtually every business today relies (more or less) on technology to stay relevant, increase awareness of its brand and sell, sell, sell.

In its 2015 Global Digital IQ Survey, consultancy firm PWC draws attention to what can be considered the 10 technological commandments for business – 10 attributes that fuel the digital growth engine of an organization

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