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How to improve your business communication on email and chat

Email and instant messaging have been the foundation of business communication for many decades. Email is the revolutionary medium that moved communication from paper and telephone into the digital environment. The world as we know it now wouldn’t have been possible without this simple, yet effective method of communication. As for instant messaging, even though at first it was used more for personal matters, nowadays an enormous part of business communication takes place on chat.

Improve your business communication on email and chat

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How to Build Credibility with Your Team

As a team leader, you are the one who needs to set an example for other team members. People look up to you, and expect you to come up with solutions, and do things the right way. This requires a high amount of creativity. Building credibility as a leader can be quite challenging, so this article aims to give you some useful advice that should point you in the right direction.
How to build credibility with your team

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Six Easy Ways to Get People to Listen to You

At first glance, listening seems like a non-issue – it is something we do most of the day, every day. But things aren’t always that simple. Listening is not the same with hearing, as hearing someone does not suffice to actually understand them. Listening requires focus and will. First of all you have to want to listen, and then you need the ability to actually do it.
At the same time, listening plays a major role in communication. In the world of business, effective communication is absolutely crucial. So one of the skills that any entrepreneur, leader, and professional should possess is knowing how to make people to listen to them. This is the theme of today’s article, so I invite you to read forward and learn how to get people to listen to you.
How to get people to be listening to you

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Seven Effective Ways to Overcome Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is something everyone experiments in their life, especially during periods of high emotional or intellectual distress. In order to cut out its energy loses, your brain reaches a point where it simply refuses to make decisions. It’s that moment when you start answering most questions with “I don’t care”. That doesn’t really mean that you don’t care, but it is actually a way of saying “I refuse or I simply can’t make a decision about that right now”. The more decisions you need to make, the more likely you are to become tired of deciding. Eventually, you either give up or make hasty decisions.
How to improve productivity in a virtual meeting

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How to Forge Long-Term Collaboration in Your Company

In every aspect of life, long-term relationships are more rewarding for all parts involved than short-term alliances. Of course, the latter can make useful strategies at key moments and for achieving immediate goals. However, if you are running a marathon and not just trying to win a race, you definitely want reliable partners you can actually count on along the way. Therefore, if you are looking to building your company up in the future, you should see long-term collaboration as a priority.
How to Forge Long-Term Collaboration in Your Company

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Three Nontraditional Ways to Boost Productivity

For a second, I challenge you to leave aside everything you’ve learned or heard about productivity so far. Every advice that prompts you to wake up before sunrise and read your goals out loud every night. The purpose of this article is not to invalidate the oldest tricks in the book. However, we cannot ignore the fact that many recipes are either hard to follow, or simply won’t work for a lot of people. The good news is there are ways to boost productivity 🙂
Three Nontraditional Ways to Boost Your Productivity

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The Surprising Effect of Chat and Email Etiquette on Communication at Work

One of the most basic necessities of any workplace is proper communication. In today’s world that runs on a hectic schedule, where every productive minute counts, the ability to instantly communicate has been a boon for the global work scenario. However, even in our fast-paced lives, writing etiquette can sometimes make all the difference between successful and unsuccessful communication. Let’s find out how chat and email etiquette can enhance our written communication and get us where we want.

Email etiquette

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