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Google Shrinks Down the Internet with Brotli Compression Algorithm

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Last time anyone counted heads on the Internet, there were more than 3.2 billion active users scattered worldwide (more or less evenly). The World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) has even had to adopt new types of IP addresses (IPv6) because the older ones (IPv4) were running out. The data generated annually is being measured in exabytes (1 billion gigabytes). Internet providers estimate that annual global IP traffic will shift into a new gear, passing the zettabyte threshold by the end of 2016. For who’s asking, that’s 1024 exabytes.

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It’s Sheer Genius! Machine Learning Tech Will Make Boredom Profitable

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Researchers in Barcelona, Spain have developed a “boredom detector” that they plan to present at the UbiComp conference next week in Japan. The technology is based on an algorithm that looks at your mobile activity and determines your boredom levels. Because boredom leads to depression, the technology could essentially save lives. But it could be profitable too

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