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Mona Lisa 3D

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Technology gets the best of us. Whenever there’s a problem, we have people working on a tool to fix it. Scientists are hard at work trying to come up with solutions to restore vision to the blind, but one Helsinki-based design studio has taken matters into its own hands, producing 3D printed versions of famous paintings like the Mona Lisa for the blind to experience.

We rarely imagine what it’s like to live without the most important of all senses: sight. Yet millions of people live this way their whole lives, not being able to appreciate things like art or a night sky full of stars. Technology enables visually impaired people to read, write, even operate their phones and computers through guided access and voice recognition. But what about enabling them to appreciate visual art?

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Here’s How a (3D Printed) Stepper Motor Works [Video]

If you’ve disassembled an electric motor at least once your life, you should pretty much know the basics of this fascinating invention. But motors come in all shapes and sizes, and for just as many different purposes.

A stepper motor isn’t very different from traditional electric motors, but it has a few particularities that make it, well… particular. The copper coils that traditionally wrap around the rotor’s blades

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