The Role of UC Analytics in Driving Customer Loyalty

Take a look around you the next time you’re sitting in a café. Chances are nearly everyone you see will be glued to an Internet-connected device of some sort that is producing heaps of data – be it through emails, phone calls, social media or Unified Communications (UC) applications. Ever thought about the role that such an amount of personal information can play in the business world? It’s quite huge. Because, when companies pull all this data together, analyze it, and build profiles for customers, they are employing a customer analysis strategy that can provide them with great insight – helping them deepen their knowledge base to ultimately improve the customer-business relationship and drive sales.

UC Analytics Create Solid Business Intelligence

For example, if an organization can leverage a customer’s call history and recordings, emails, chat sessions, and more, from the various platforms involved, then the company can intersect all of these elements and gain an insight into the customer’s journey. In other words, UC analytics can shed light on what is flawed and what is working in the interaction with your customers. This vital information can provide your organization with real, practical business intelligence that will go a long way towards improving business operations and customer engagement. And wouldn’t it be great to have all the answers at hand?

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UC analytics technology can reveal, for example, that a considerable number of customers are calling to say they haven’t received a promised rebate, as the analytics solution highlights the word “rebate” with every mention in the call recordings. This root cause for the spike in call volume can then be traced to a back-office problem, which can be automated to eliminate the delay to the customer. Moreover, because agents have the customer’s data history and preferences at their fingertips, UC analytics can reduce latency by bringing the customer to the right agent through the right channel, at the right time – resulting in enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.

Customer Retention Cheaper than Customer Acquisition

So, how exactly will this improved engagement benefit your organization? First of all, it’s been well-documented that the cost of attaining new customers is higher than retaining existing ones. In fact, according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, it can cost six to seven times more to acquire a new customer in comparison to retaining an existing one. In addition, a 10% increase in customer retention levels results in a 30% increase in the value of a company. Moreover, business costs driven by negative public relations with frustrated ex-customers can be significant, which makes improving the customer relationship quite critical.

Beyond the historical customer data your company can gain, UC analytics also make use of key insights to more efficiently forecast and schedule agents in the call center. Combining this with the balancing of shift rules, work patterns, and employee skills and preferences, UC analytics can help optimize your company’s operations and reduce costs for the contact center, providing customers with access to the right skill set, while staffing appropriately to meet service goals.

Gain Competitive Edge with Advanced APIs

Making sense of all this data will be key for companies in gaining a competitive edge. Fortunately, best-in-class cloud communications platforms are engineered with advanced APIs that allow for easy integration with CRM platforms and other business applications. This makes end-to-end analytics much more streamlined.

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