Quote of the Day Is About Teamwork

Photo by stevepb on Pixabay

Here at 4PSA we work around the clock to hone teamwork and take communication to the next level through software. Like the salt and pepper in most cooked foods, VoipNow and Hubgets go together brilliantly. In fact, they might as well pass for a horse and carriage too.

While I was scouring the web for a neat quote to give you guys today, I came across one that speaks of our mission, and our products implicitly. From the movie Fireproof:

(the scene when Captain Michael glues together the salt and pepper bottles)

Salt and pepper are completely different. Their makeup, their taste, and their color is different. But you always see them together.”

Collaboration outside communication is virtually impossible. We developed Hubgets to facilitate both, with features that leverage audio and video channels, with a side of instant messaging and topics, for the full UC&C (Unified Communications & Collaboration) experience. Care to see it up close? Visit Hubgets.com 😉

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