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Quote of the Day by Bruce Dickinson

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Sales, marketing, consulting… these are paid positions that society finds useful in many contexts, but the world and its future are not dependent on these occupations. Engineering, however, is something the world cannot do without.

Engineering can be considered the world’s oldest profession because it predates humanity. Just ask Charles Darwin, whose famous theory of evolution is based on the idea that nature constantly engineers itself to survive and adapt. Bruce Dickinson surely agrees. According to the famous rocker, engineering is one of the most important things you can teach a child to aspire to

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Quote Of The Day By James R. Sherman

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Eddington’s Arrow of Time – describing the one-way direction (or asymmetry) of time – says that things in the real world can never be fully reversed. Unlike in the microscopic world, where things tend to behave a little differently, our world is governed by an obvious flow of time.

A drop of ink can instantly spoil an entire glass of water. Reversing the process would take far more energy and resources than it took to cause it, not to mention more time. The obvious solution

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Quote of the Day by Dee Hock

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Rules are an intrinsic part of human life, but enforcing one too many is bound to have consequences. Some cultures shun the Internet, despite it being one of humanity’s most marvelous inventions. Others ban free speech, which most people will agree is a very harsh enforcement.

Without doubt, rules are necessary in a less-than-perfect society. But what if the rules themselves are to blame? According to Dee Hock, founder and former CEO of the Visa credit card association, stringency and stupidity co-exist in a natural juxtaposition. Less might be better

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Quote of the Day by Adlai Stevenson II

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Few of us are popular growing up, and even fewer attain the status once they’ve left their nest. Yet society demands it. From beauty magazines to the movie industry, the media is sending a clear message that we should all aim to be rich, good looking, and preferably adorn a billboard or two.

That’s not necessarily bad if these goals are within reach. But for most of the world’s population, they’re not. Promoting such a culture when only a select few hold the winning ticket may not be the best approach to achieving a sane society

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Quote of the Day by Niels Bohr

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Being a scientist doesn’t always pay off, but when it does, you get instant recognition and everything you say or do gets framed. It was the case of Niels Bohr, who enjoyed merging empirical knowledge to philosophy with every chance he got.

A Nobel Prize winner, Bohr made substantial contributions to understanding the atomic structure and quantum theory. Quantum physics differs from classical physics in that one is less “fixed” than the other. Bohr seemingly translated this into plain English when he said

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Quote of the Day by William Arthur Ward

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Three companies conduct business under the same roof, on the same floor, and they even share the same bathroom. One day, the water stops running. The owner forgot to say that the plumbing needed repairing and that it would not be ready until 5:00 PM.

None of the three businesses needs running water to operate, but the workforce requires it to wash their hands, flush the toilet, etc. Needless to say, everyone is upset

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Quote of the Day by Susan Erz

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Ever heard of cryonics? Sure you have. The sci-fi genre is filled with references to the practice, and there are even documentaries describing the low-temperature preservation procedure that several (dead) people have already undergone with hopes that they will be revived in the future.

Immortality is something we seem desperate to attain. Many of our scientific endeavors seek to find ways to stop the aging process, but also to transcend ourselves digitally. We’re probably on the right track, too. But what we do with ourselves when we get there is a question left unanswered. This famous quote by British novelist Susan Erz echoes it best

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Quote of the Day by Ken Hakuta

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Have you ever felt like all the great ideas for business have been snagged by others? Making it big is difficult enough, but it’s even harder when you have competition lurking around every corner.

Every successful business seems to be sitting on a single great idea that has been either patented or cannot be replicated without tons of cash and manpower. So, you’re left wondering: are all the great ideas taken? Surely not

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Quote of the Day by Bette Davis

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What would you do if money suddenly wasn’t a problem anymore? Some people would choose a life of indolence and non-stop partying, others would succumb to drugs or alcohol, perhaps others would blow it all on gambling. But some, a select few, would change nothing.

Wealth doesn’t affect everyone in the same way

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