Mass Messaging Done Right

Not all collaboration apps are made equal, everybody knows it. There are features that all users need and there are features all users dream about 😉 In addition to the voice and video features, file sharing, topic creation, presence, availability, and other neat tricks, Hubgets has another ace up its sleeve: selective mass messaging. When you have urgent notices to send out with no time to open a new chat window for every person, mass messaging is a must-have. Hubgets does it in more ways than one.

Mass Messaging Done Right

Sending a mass message in Hubgets

Ever wanted to share a link with everyone in the office but felt that it wouldn’t sit well with some people? Well, now there’s an app for that 😀 One that doesn’t force you to include everyone in the list of recipients, to be precise.
One of the many ways you can tap teammates in Hubgets is to reach for the paper plane just above your contacts. That’s our clever mass messaging option! It comes with a Subject field, a Message Field, and a space to include select recipients for that particular announcement. If you’re addressing the entire organization, you can tick the “all team members” box and have it sent to everyone. Just be sure it’s okay for the plane to fly past your boss as well 😛 Another way you can tap multiple people at once is through Topics, which enables group discussions.
The benefits are immediately clear. You get to handpick your recipients and relay information that regards them and only them, keeping your party in the loop while not bothering others. Some situations where this applies:

  • a project that needs only the attention of 4 or 5 people, not the entire organization
  • different deadlines set for different teams
  • John mustn’t know you’ve all chipped in to buy him a quadcopter drone for his birthday

… and the list could go on. We’re sure you’ll find more scenarios than we can think of. Let us know what those are. Our clouders are dying to know how everyone Hubgets 🙂

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