Love Is A Phone Call Away

Do you think today is just a ordinary day? Don’t you just love those big fluffy hearts that are everywhere?!? So do we!

As one of our male colleagues put it, Valentine’s Day is a celebration that women worship and man loathe. Except for us! The ladies in 4PSA team are completely unimpressed at being loved more than usual on one particular day. We prefer that to happen every day. 😉

Consequently, we thought that we can have fun and create some funny moments for others, while at it. So, we took VoipNow, poured lots of imagination, added a touch of humor, mixed them well, and the result is… well, red and fluffy. 😉

You can enjoy our Valentine’s Day HotLine by calling 212-203-0195 (US), 493030809281 (DE) or 40317104212 (RO). It’s available in English, French, German, Russian, and Romanian.

Do you want to know how we did it? Check out the making of video.


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, dear! 😉


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  • this is great! LOL

    John 11 years ago Reply

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