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Happy #WorldEmojiDay from Hubgets!

It’s July 17th, so we couldn’t miss celebrating #WorldEmojiDay! We’re such big fans of these little funny pictograms that we just had to make a short movie about them/us.¬†Who says you can’t act like an emoji?

We made this little experiment to see if you can actually be loud and clear just by making faces. And yes, you can! ūüôā

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7 Clever Tools For Running More Productive Remote Meetings

Video Call in Hubgets Page
More and more companies need a toolbox to help them interact in real time with partners, clients and even remote employees.
However, running remote meetings in particular comes with its own challenges. Sometimes the participants are on different time zones. Everyone needs to be updated prior to the meeting regarding the topic of the conversation. Tasks have to be shared and everyone must have a clear understanding of the entire project. Not to mention the online meeting itself has to unfold without any technical problems.

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The Pomodoro Technique: The Simplest Way to Beat Procrastination

I’ve been using this simple, yet highly effective method for a long time.
Of all the anti-procrastination techniques out there, the Pomodoro technique has helped me the most to¬†overcome¬†difficult moments, from lack of motivation to the old writer’s block.¬†So I decided to¬†learn more about¬†the science behind its success. Here’s what I found.

Francesco Cirillo

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10 Essential Productivity Tools for Tech-Savvy Leaders

There’s nothing worse than having too many tools and not getting the best of them. If you’re looking to boost your productivity, here is the essential kit that will cover the most important aspects of your day to day activity Рstarting with communication and notes, and ending with project management. Cut the clutter and give these tools a try (hint: most of them are free!)

10 Essential Productivity Tools for Tech-Savvy Leaders | Hubgets

Image Credit: William Iven (

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Randy Pausch’s 8 Rules of Successful Delegation

Our CEO once recommended me Randy Pausch’s talk on¬†Time Management and I¬†was totally blown away by it. The part about¬†methods of successful delegation is particularly interesting so I decided to summarize it in this article.

Randy Pausch

Photo credits: |The University of Virginia’s School of Engineering hosted Randy for his lecture on “Time Management” on November 27, 2007.

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3 Easy Ways to Avoid Distractions When Using Instant Messaging (IM) Apps

My coworkers and I rely on instant communication apps to give and receive feedback, keep ourselves up to date with the projects we’re working on, and talk to friends and family. As useful as IM apps are, they can be¬†overwhelming sometimes. Over time, we learned a few tricks on how to avoid distractions when using IM apps so I thought we’d share them here, on our blog.

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Distractions When Using Instant Messaging (IM) Apps

Image Credit: Thomas Lefebvre (

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How to Adopt the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” to Boost Productivity at Work

With so many distractions Рnotifications, tools, messages Рmost of us find it harder and harder to really concentrate on delivering our projects. It takes planning and effort to help us cope in such a noisy environment. While looking for methods to boost productivity, I stumbled upon a classic: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Boost productivity at work

Image Credit: Nick Karvounis | @nickkarvounis

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What UEFA EURO 2016 Can Teach Us About Team Success

Whether you’re managing thousands of people in a corporation or a dynamic team in a startup, you want your team to perform the best they can¬†every day. You spend your time striving to help them reach their true potential. And yet, chances are that your team is farther from reaching the top than you think. In our fast-paced digital world,¬†only a hand full of teams gain exceptional results, while so many fail miserably.
It doesn’t have to be this way. You can unleash your team’s true¬†potential by taking a page from the world of football, or soccer if you’re American ūüėČ This collection of lessons taken from the teams participating in this UEFA EURO 2016 tournament will inspire you to create a team of champions in whatever you do.

UEFA 2016 | Hubgets

Gareth Bale runs towards Wales’s bench as he celebrates his late winner against Cyprus in EURO 2016 qualifying. Photograph: David Rawcliffe/Propaganda

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